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The shack transforms into a super pretty space for a young couple

From the narrow, degraded area, architect Van Canh has designed it into a beautiful space like a homestay.

The house with an area of ​​​​4x4m5 in Ba Diem commune, Hoc Mon district (Ho Chi Minh City) was once rented by the owner.

Over a long period of time, the building deteriorated and fell into disrepair. Therefore, the owner decided to invest and renovate it into a space nice house convenient and functional.

Condition of the house before the overhaul.

The area is narrow, so the owner’s request is quite difficult. Before this problem, architect Van Canh (SN 1994 – Quang Nam hometown) received renovation.

After completing the 3D drawing, the owner wanted to expand the area more, add some elements… so Mr. Van Canh gave the idea to design the house like a homestay.

Under the stairs to place the kitchen to save space for the house. The last step of the stairs rotates opposite the sofa to fix feng shui errors (The stairs are opposite the door).

The overall house is mixed with blue as the main color, besides blue is also the color Feng Shui of the homeowner.

Because the room is not large, when arranging the premises, Mr. Van Canh encountered many difficulties to ensure that there was enough space for each area.

Under the stairs, he chose to design and arrange the kitchen to expand the area.

In the middle of the house, a screen is placed, separating the living room and toilet, the dining room and covering the laundry area.

In the mezzanine, there is a 1.6m bed, a standing wardrobe, a study table and a desk for 2 people. In addition, this area also has a table on the mezzanine to drink tea.

LIVE bedroom In the mezzanine and living room are arranged TV, blue sofa in the same color as the room.

The shack transforms into a super pretty space for a young couple
The mezzanine has 1 bedroom with a bed, wardrobe, desk and bar overlooking the house. Wood-paneled iron stairs create serenity for the space.

Doors are made of glass so the room is always filled with light.

All costs for design and construction are in the average price range. “Hopefully with my design, I can satisfy a few people, besides, I also want to contribute to bringing beauty to life. Renovate tight spaces or old things that seem to have been forgotten,” said Mr. Van Canh.

The young architect hopes that the house will bring many ideas for people to decorate or rearrange a beautiful house for themselves.

The mezzanine floor with light yellow wood paneling is clean, easy to clean and cozy.

The shack transforms into a super pretty space for a young couple
Modern and youthful sofa set with fancy design reading lights. Large-leaf bonsai pots bring vitality to the home.

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