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The types of tubers that are available in the corner of the kitchen really help to nourish the liver, they are cheap, but Vietnamese people rarely use them

Association of Prof.  Dr.  Nguyen Thi Lam

The tubers in the corner of the kitchen protect the liver very well

Inside the body, the liver is like a “factory” that helps flush out toxins and metabolize the body… If the liver is not functioning properly, it can lead to many serious health consequences. In particular, very few people are aware of the abnormal manifestations when the liver is damaged in the early stages, until the symptoms are clear, then the treatment will be very difficult.

Therefore, protecting the liver through eating habits and daily activities is very important. Assoc Prof Dr Nguyen Thi Lam, former deputy director of the National Institute of Nutrition, said that in addition to healthy eating, it is necessary to add foods that help nourish the liver.

In particular, in daily eating, people should eat various food groups, eat lots of foods with antioxidants such as dark colored vegetables, colorful fruits… these are all foods. Good products for the liver and for the whole body.

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Turmeric is very good for the liver and is abundant in Vietnam but rarely used.


“Turmeric is a spice that gives color and distinctive taste to many delicious dishes but is rarely used. Apart from being a spice, this tuber is also a valuable medicinal herb for health. Turmeric contains a lot of antioxidants that help restore damaged liver cells,” Associate Professor Lam said.

Colonel, doctor Bui Hong Minh (Ba Dinh District Eastern Medicine Association) also said that turmeric is used in various forms to prevent and treat many diseases. In oriental medicine, tulips (small saffron bulbs that grow around the main bulb) have a spicy, bitter, slightly sweet, and cool taste. Khuong Hoang (big turmeric) has a spicy, bitter, slightly sweet but hot character.

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Turmeric used in moderation in various ways is very good for the body. Illustration.

Studies have shown that, tulips to the liver, meridians, and schizophrenia have gastric and depressive effects; while Khuong Hoang is opportunistic, blood breaking, opening the meridians. So, turmeric is not only good for the liver but also has great value for health. One can use turmeric as a cooking spice or one can use turmeric water, turmeric flour…everything is fine. However, when using it, you need to pay attention to the dosage, because excessive use can cause fever, jaundice, and even intestinal disorders.

It’s important to change bad habits

Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Lam says that adding natural foods that are good for the liver is necessary, but changing bad habits towards healthy eating and living is the best way to protect the liver. In particular:

– Unhealthy diet, eating moldy foods that contain aflatoxins will release toxins that will damage liver cells.

– Eating a lot of meat, oily food, eating sweet foods, not eating fresh fruits and vegetables, eating too much salt… can cause fatty liver.

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In addition to adding foods that are good for the liver, people need to get rid of habits that cause liver damage. Illustration.

– Bad habits such as excessive alcohol abuse cause liver cell toxicity, impaired liver function

– Many people who still have the habit of eating raw foods are at high risk of developing parasitic infections that affect liver function.

– Hepatitis B and C, if not detected and controlled, can easily progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

– Lastly, the habit of indiscriminately taking antibiotics, drinking cigarettes of unknown origin… are also one of the causes of increasing liver disease.

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