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Thrilling body, promoted Bao Cong

The truth about birth

Portrait of the king in Ly Mieu swapping the crown prince: Thrilling body, promoting Bao Cong - Photo 1.

Portrait of Song Renzong (Taipei Palace Museum)

The story of “Ly Mieu swapping the Crown Prince” is of course just a story handed down in folklore. According to the record in “Tong Su”, Tong Chan Tong wanted to make his favorite concubine Luu Nga empress, but Liu Nga had no children even though she had been with Tong Chan Tong since she had not ascended the throne. Meanwhile, Luu Nga’s maid, Ly Thi, gave birth to Chan Tong a prince – Trieu Trinh.

Although it is clear that she is Ly Thi’s child, Trieu Trinh has indeed been transformed into a child of Luu Nga. After that, Ly Thi continued to give birth to a princess and was given the title Uyen Nghi. Thus, it can be seen that the historical truth is still a tragic story, but it is much lighter and less thrilling than folk legends.

Crown Prince Trieu Trinh – ie Tong Nhan Tong – had been on the throne for a while, then Ly Thi died. At first, Empress Dowager Luu Nga wanted to celebrate Ly Thi’s funeral according to the right rank. However, prime minister Lu Yi Jian warned Luu Nga: “The king will sooner or later know the truth, the Queen Mother should think about Liu’s descendants”.

Finally, Ly Thi was also buried according to the empress rite. For many years, Tong Nhan Tong always thought that the Empress Dowager was her biological mother. When Ly Thi died, Nhan Tong’s uncle – “Bat Hien Vuong” Trieu Nguyen Nghiem – told Nhan Tong the whole truth.

King of Heroes

The reign of Nhan Tong is summarized in two titles used to honor the king after his death: Thuy title “Hieu Minh” and temple title “Nhan Tong”. According to the book “Tong Su”, Tong Nhan Tong is described as a benevolent and virtuous emperor.

He leads a simple personal life, emphasizing controlling his own desires and devoting his energy to taking care of domestic affairs. The Song Dynasty entered its peak period under Nhan Tong. Many outstanding talents appeared in this period, including Bao Cong.

Portrait of the king in Ly Mieu swapping the crown prince: Thrilling body, promoting Bao Cong - Photo 2.

The image of Song Nhan Tong and Bao Cong in movies (Sohu)

The story between Song Nhan Tong and Bao Cong has become a model for the military relationship in Chinese history. Under Tong Nhan Tong, Bao Chung’s most prominent position was Ngu Su Dai Phu – an official with the power to interfere and supervise all individuals in the court.

Once, Bao Chung and Emperor Nhan Tong discussed politics together. The discussion became more and more intense, making Bao Chung unable to control his attitude, culminating in him waving his hand and shouting loudly … spit on the king’s face, causing Nhan Tong to wipe his face with the hem of his shirt. .

After saying that, Bao Chung realized that he had acted too much and hurriedly apologized to the Emperor. Nhan Tong not only forgave without punishment but also actively approved Bao Cong’s suggestions.

About Tong Nhan Tong’s attitude to talent, To Dong Pha once commented that: “Nhan Tong reigned for 40 years, opened his arms wide and collected all the heroes and talents in the world, wisdom gathered to achieve success. great”.

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