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Thuy Tien lost points when she was “checked” by the lights.

After being crowned Miss Grand International 2021, Miss Thuy Tien has built a certain position in showbiz, becoming a name that always has impressive interactions for each activity. Meanwhile, supermodel Anh Thu is the name that fans are looking forward to after many years of absence from the entertainment industry. At the same time, Miss Universe Vietnam officially kicked off with a cast of qualified contestants, the most prominent being Thao Nhi Le, a fashionista and influencer on Instagram. Just how clever, this trio once shared a bold dress by designer Do Long, giving netizens the opportunity to put on the table to discuss.

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Is there any daring dress that Thuy Tien has not worn yet? Her image is almost associated with cut, loose and bold outfits like this. The creation of designer Do Long shows off the sexy beauty of the wearer with gaps in the chest, waist and legs. Thuy Tien combs her hair back, puffs it up to create a bright face, wears loop earrings and high heel sandals

Touching daring skirts: Thuy Tien lost points when under the spotlight, the hottest contestant in Vietnam Miss Universe and her seniors have enough power to cut and slash?  - Photo 2.

To create a flowing flow, the skirt is made of thin material, so when the light shines directly, it reveals Thuy Tien’s underwear. Miss Hau also cleverly chooses nude lingerie, but in the end, she can’t get out of the difficult situation

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This dress also shared by Thao Nhi Le will be her companion to the house of the upcoming Miss Universe Vietnam. Unlike Thuy Tien, Thao Nhi Le curls big and bouncy curls with sharp makeup, especially emphasizing the eyes and extremely inviting glossy lips. She also chose high heels, but she cheated on her height thanks to the pointy toe sole

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This design continues to catch the eye of model Anh Thu. After a period of hiding, the actress and model still has an admirable slim figure. The model chose a hairstyle similar to Thuy Tien’s, puffy and combed backwards, except that Anh Thu chose curled hair instead of straight hair like Thuy Tien. Both photos of Thao Nhi Le and Anh Thu are carefully edited, in addition, Anh Thu poses sitting, so it is not certain whether the two will fall into the same situation as Thuy Tien when facing bright lights.

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