Two female students beat their “seniors” because they were looked at unfriendly

On March 29, leaders of the Department of Education and Training of Vi Thuy district, Hau Giang province asked the Board of Directors of Vinh Thuan Tay Secondary School to set up a disciplinary council to handle 2 schoolgirl 7th grade has the act of hitting a female student in grade 8.

Two female students beat their

D.LP female student uses a helmet to hit LPNh. Image cut from clip.

“Based on Circular 32 of the Ministry of Education and Training, we direct the school to set up a disciplinary committee for two female students D.LP (grade 7A2) and NTMN (7A4). They violated the student’s regulations. not complying with Article 37 is insulting the honor, dignity and body of other students” – Mr. Pham Thanh Hai, Head of Education and Training Department of Vi Thuy district, confirmed.

According to Mr. Hai, on March 24, PN and LPNh. (grade 8A4) enter school at 12 o’clock. Two 7th grade girls believe that they have Nh. look… unfriendly should use hands and helmets to hit. The children stood around using their phones to record the clip and then spread it on social networks.

“Both 7th graders are in the same situation as their parents are divorced, they live with a grandmother, so they lack care and education. The school has invited two of their grandmothers to apologize to Nh’s parents.” – Mr. Hai said.

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