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Ukraine urges the West to tighten sanctions, Russia warns to be tough

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged the West to quickly strengthen sanctions against Russia to prevent Moscow “hands-free” from escalating measures against the country.

In a video message on the evening of March 28 (local time), Mr. Zelensky expressed anger when he said that last year, the West had miscalculated in delaying sanctions and Russia had opened military offensive in Ukraine Later.

Ukraine urges the West to increase sanctions on Moscow, Russia warns to be tough
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Photo: Reuters

“A full-scale war has begun. Now there are many hints and warnings that, tougher sanctions, such as an embargo on Russia’s oil supplies to Europe, must be deployed if Russia uses chemical weapons.It’s not simply words… We, the survivors, are waiting.All the Russian military has done so far is not worth it. to impose an oil embargo?” said the Ukrainian president, occasionally banging his hands on the table.

The war that broke out in Ukraine over the past month is the biggest conflict in Europe since World War Two. So far, the war has caused more than 3.8 million Ukrainians to flee the country, thousands of people have died or been injured.

The US and its allies in Europe and Asia have implemented a number of sanctions aimed at isolating the Russian economy. But, Mr. Zelensky believes, those measures are not strong enough to stop Moscow’s actions.

Ukraine urges the West to tighten sanctions, Russia warns to be tough
A Russian armored convoy approaches the port city of Mariupol, Ukraine. Photo: Reuters

Reuters quoted the Kiev leader as saying: “If the sanctions packages are weak or do not have a strong enough effect, if they can be broken, that will create a dangerous illusion for the Russian leadership like them. will be allowed to keep doing what they’re doing. The Ukrainians are paying for this with their lives. Thousands of lives.”

The US has embargoed Russian oil, but Europe is more hesitant about this move because it is more dependent on energy supplies from the country of birch. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, explained that enacting such a ban would trigger recession and mass unemployment.

Zelensky called on the West to give Kiev more planes, tanks and artillery to fight the Russian forces. He asserted, the people Ukraine didn’t deserve to die because “someone couldn’t find the courage to give them the necessary weapons”. He warned Western leaders that fear would make them “accomplices” and “responsible for the disaster caused by Russian troops to the cities of Ukraine”.

In contrast, in an interview on the same day with PBS news agency, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov condemned recent sanctions by the US, Canada, Australia and Western European countries, including confiscation. assets, freezing funds and blocking Russia’s financial relations, is the “trade war” against Moscow.

“Don’t push us to a dead end. We have to adapt ourselves to the new reality. You have to understand Russia,” Mr. Peskov stressed.

Ukraine urges the West to increase sanctions on Moscow, Russia warns to be tough
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov sat in front of a screen with an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: The Guardian

According to the Guardian newspaper, Mr. Peskov also again blamed the United States and its NATO allies for ignoring Moscow’s security concerns, even though Russian officials have been telling the West for several decades.

Regarding the risk that the energy supply process to Europe may be disrupted after the G7 refused to pay for shipments in rubles as requested by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the spokesman asserted that Moscow would “not do this.” charity and free gas to Western Europe.” Mr. Peskov left open the possibility that Moscow will cut off gas exports to the region.

To the question of ‘s opinion Russia Regarding the promotion of a nuclear strike, Mr. Peskov replied: “First of all, we are sure that all the goals of our special military operation in Ukraine will be fulfilled. But, of course, any outcome of this campaign is not an excuse for the use of nuclear weapons.We have a very clear public security view that, only if there is a threat to the existence of the state. In Russia, we can and will actually use nuclear weapons to eliminate that threat.”

The Kremlin spokesman’s statements were made in the context of many analysts that, due to not being able to win a quick victory because of the strong resistance of the Ukrainians, the Russian army is increasingly growing. focus on defeating Kiev forces in the east neighboring countries, in the hope of forcing Kiev to give up its territory so that it could end the war.

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