When movie fans create their own cool home cinema space

Being passionate about movies is one thing, but when you go to the theater, you encounter countless cases where the process of enjoying the movie is interrupted, the emotions are no longer seamless. Although I really want to see the latest blockbusters, I always have to wonder a lot before making a decision whether to go to theaters or not.

Then let Google and TCL ignite your passion for watching movies again with the TCL x Google TV super product called TCL 4K HDR P735. With 03 core factors, this TV deserves to be at the top of the “nomination list” for providing the best home theater experience on the consumer electronics market today.

Even the smallest movements of the character are sharp and vivid

It is undeniable that the excellent picture quality and super-large screen are one of the factors that attract people to the theater. So to build a home cinema also needs to meet this requirement. Do you know? Just for the picture part, TCL 4K HDR TV P735 has integrated 4 technologies that complement each other for the highest level of cinema experience. First, with outstanding brightness from wide dynamic range (HDR) – the latest standard for UHD content, this TV makes every detail in every movie as sharp as a close-up zoom. At the same time, Dolby Vision technology helps you experience every detail of the scene, as vividly as if you were watching it on the big screen of a cinema.

Every fast movement and color of an action movie, sci-fi, or psychological work, is also of the highest standard. This TV series integrates the 60Hz MEMC algorithm, which reduces display blur and eliminates screen tearing. Fast motion is no longer blurry! In addition, with Wide Color Gamut technology, the TCL 4K HDR TV P735 possesses a color palette of more than 1 million colors, helping the movie’s freshness exceed expectations.

TCL 4K HDR TV takes you into a cinematic experience!

Besides, TCL 4K HDR P735 owns many different sizes, meeting all the viewing needs of users. If you are a big screen enthusiast, you will definitely love this product with its “super big, super giant” screen in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes.

Multi-dimensional surround sound “All around you!”

Have you ever wondered why the sound at the theater is always so amazing and makes you feel like you are immersed in the movie? The answer is thanks to Dolby Atmos sound technology – The volt audio solution used in most non-cinema systems today. And with TCL 4K HDR P735, you will certainly be satisfied with this when watching movies at home because TCL has applied Dolby Atmos sound technology to its products.

The TCL 4K HDR TV P735 brings the world of movies to life with immersive, multi-dimensional sound that lets you experience the same sensations of theater immersion. You will almost feel every sound in the movie works in a multi-dimensional, sensory stimulation in 360 degrees and from every different object in a frame. It can be said that the whole world of movies is “encapsulated” and outstandingly shown with this TV line!

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Experience rap-like sound quality with the TCL 4K HDR TV P735.

Explore more than 700,000+ works with just one TV!

Ever get bored every time you watch a movie because you don’t have too many options? Don’t worry because TCL 4K HDR P735 now has Google TV operating system, owns 700,000+ movies available, and thousands of applications and games are also waiting for “owners” to use. Moreover, the search is not as difficult as you think! As soon as you turn on the TV, you can directly find the name of your favorite movie on the main screen without going through any applications. In particular, the Google TV operating system also allows registration of different accounts, so that each family member can enjoy the world of entertainment with different favorite movies.

In addition, you can control the TV without using a remote through TCL Home – an application that connects all TCL consumer electronic devices such as televisions, air conditioners, air purifiers, … to the electricity. phone. Warranty period, or available promotions of TCL home, customers can also update the date on this application.

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With Google TV and over 700,000 movies available, the whole world of movies is at your fingertips.

TCL 4K HDR P735 – The Google TV is worth buying, helping you and experiencing the ultimate entertainment at home. What are you waiting for without consulting right away here

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