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When your child cries, you immediately say “hold on” and you directly destroy their future

But in reality, crying is an expression of emotions, and if emotions are not expressed in the heart, it can have very serious consequences. When a child is fussy, parents will usually have 2 ways to behave. One is to let children cry freely, wait until they have vented their emotions, and then begin to solve the problem. The second is to be determined not to let the baby cry anymore, feel that crying is a very useless behavior, and shame. Both behaviors have their own reasons, and it has contributed to creating children with completely opposite personalities after adulthood.

Influence in adulthood

1. Different ways of expressing emotions

In life, it is easy to see children who like to cry, cry a little, as if they were made of water. Although it may seem annoying on the surface, in reality, if you look at it from a different angle, it is an emotional expression of a child. They cry to express frustration and dissatisfaction. In the future, the possibility of falling due to emotional problems will also be less.

A child who, no matter what happens in life, is determined not to cry, often has the ability to express emotions not very well, those emotions that are not vented will gradually accumulate in the heart. In the future too, the more you grow up, the more difficult you will encounter when you were a child, your emotions will also be heavier, if you still don’t learn to release it, one day it will automatically explode. , and once this happens, it will be devastating.

When your baby cries and you tell him to stop, you're directly ruining their future: This is the right response!  - Photo 1.

2. Different ways to relieve pressure

Everyone has their own pressure, for adults, the pressure of children may seem insignificant, but for children, it is a terrible thing. These pressures can have huge effects on them. If children choose to cry to relieve pressure, then all stress will also be reduced, not only for children, this is also a very good release for adults.

As for babies who don’t cry, perhaps they will find another way, but most of them will suppress it on their own, leading to a situation of “the last straw that breaks the camel’s back”, if that straw appears. , then the child will immediately collapse, even commit suicide.

3. Different Empathy Ability

I often meet empathetic people who, after hearing other people’s experiences and feelings, can shed tears as if it happened to themselves. Like MC Thanh Cry (Tran Thanh), he sheds tears very quickly when on television. Many people think this is a sign of weakness, but it is actually a manifestation of high empathy.

Crying babies will have stronger empathy as they get older. That will make the child’s social interactions much smoother. They will have more opportunities in their own lives as adults. Children who do not cry are often labeled cold in the eyes of others, causing certain difficulties in social communication. In work and life, it will certainly not be popular with many people.

When your baby cries and you tell him to stop, you're directly ruining their future: This is the right response!  - Photo 2.

Therefore, when the child cries, if parents blatantly forbid it, it will definitely directly destroy the child’s life. So, in this case, how should the parents behave?

Behavioral methods

1. Find the reason

Parents must not be impatient to intervene when seeing their children cry. This not only increases feelings of sadness in the hearts of children, but also affects the parent-child relationship in the long run. The first thing parents should do is find out the cause of their baby’s crying and deal with the root of the situation.

Such a solution not only makes the child stop crying, but also lets the child feel the care and love of his parents for him as well as improve the parent-child relationship.

2. Consolation

When parents find out why their baby is fussy, the next thing to do is to comfort the child. Even adults want to be comforted when they are in trouble, how about a child? Therefore, at this time, parents should comfort and hold their children in their arms, instead of being indifferent, letting them cry until they want to stop.

This will give them a huge sense of security. Let them feel that their parents are supportive of them, so they can become braver and stronger.

Crying is something all babies do, it’s their body’s instinctive response. Therefore, what parents should do when their baby cries should not be a restriction, nor should it be a neglect. What parents should do is find the cause and solve the root of the problems their children encounter. This way, they can feel the love from their parents, and at the same time they can become stronger and braver.

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