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Which strategy helps the Vietnamese team to surprise Japan?

Under Coach Park Hang Seo, the Vietnamese team has met Japan twice, in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup 2019 and the first leg of the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. Despite losing at least 0-1 in both matches, but the immense gap between the two teams is still clearly shown.

When the Japanese team no longer has a clear motivation for achievement (won the ticket to the 2022 World Cup), the Vietnamese team can wait for a surprise, even though the possibility of scoring is too high with the current force situation.

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Formula 3-5-2

The Vietnamese team attended the match against Japan with only 20 players. 5/11 Vietnamese players who started in the first leg are unlikely to participate in this competition because of injuries and the COVID-19 epidemic. The coaching staff has faced extensive injuries many times, but the player pool has never been as limited as this time.

The Vietnamese team had an acceptable match at home against Oman. Creating many opportunities, limiting personal mistakes in defense in the context of playing with a patchwork lineup shows the efforts of coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students.

Before the match, the Korean leader and Cong Phuong both mentioned the spiritual factor. Having to play with more than 100% ability, the Vietnamese team can surprise Japan – an opponent much stronger than Oman. Most likely, Coach Park Hang Seo will continue to use the 3-5-2 strategy, instead of the familiar 5-4-1 scheme before.

In the first 7 matches, the Vietnamese team was loyal to the scheme of 5 defenders and 1 striker. There were times when Coach Park changed the structure of the squad like the second half of the match against Australia (playing 3-5-2), but how to play defensively with 9 players concentrated at home, then take advantage of long balls in the direction. Tien Linh is still the mainstream.

Which strategy helps the Vietnamese team to surprise Japan?  - first

Tuan Hai is the new discovery of Coach Park Hang Seo.

This play is safe, but makes the Vietnamese team passive because the number of counter-attacks is small, and the squad pushes back deeply, making the distance of the ball to be extended. BLV Quang Tung analyzed: “The Vietnamese team needs to push the squad up about 30, 40m higher and boldly hold the beat, instead of backing deep and not knowing what to do when the ball is at their feet.“.

The solution to this problem is a 3-5-2 diagram. The last 2 matches played with this formula, Vietnam team won 1, lost 1, scored 3 goals, conceded 2 times. The appearance of striker Tuan Hai helped coach Park Hang Seo boldly switch the team to play with a new formula.

Tuan Hai and Tien Linh created a double-barreled gun for the team’s attack. While other attacking players tend to drift wide, Tuan Hai can stay in the middle, play as a striker and play directly. This player has the power, the impact, to give the team an extra dangerous element in the middle“, shared by BLV Quang Huy.

Tuan Hai’s ability to support the defense and rush into all hot spots like a warrior as described by coach Pham Minh Duc adds more combativeness to the Vietnamese team, promising to help the defensive team be more proactive. , instead of letting the opponent comfortably hold the ball, putting pressure on the defense like the first leg.

Which strategy helps the Vietnamese team to surprise Japan?  - 2

The Vietnamese team is more active with 5 midfielders.

In addition, a 3-5-2 diagram with 7 players playing close together in midfield and striker makes it easier for the players to coordinate and deploy the ball when regaining control. Confidence when having the ball is a problem for the Vietnamese team against strong teams, but is being strengthened with a new tactical system.

Diagram 3-5-2 also helps recruit Vietnam to have more personnel. Hung Dung intercepted, and Quang Hai was able to create an association right after the ball escaped pressing. Thanks to that, the gameplay will be more hidden than surprises“, analyzed by BLV Quang Huy.

Be careful above all

Share with VTC News, expert Doan Minh Xuong said that the Vietnamese team still plays 3-4-3 or 5-4-1, with the same defensive and counter-attacking style. “If Quang Hai retreats to the middle of the field with Tuan Anh and Hung Dung, the team will play 3-5-2 with strikers Cong Phuong and Tuan Hai. This lineup will play for about 60 minutes and then change depending on the situation“, Mr. Xuong analyzed.

Due to Tien Linh’s injury, and Cong Phuong is a player with a wide range of activities, not a fixed kick and good at making walls like Tien Linh, so maybe Coach Park Hang Seo will flexibly adjust.

But even though playing with a 3-5-2 formation with more attack power, the most suitable strategy for Vietnam should still be slow and cautious. “Vietnam team should kick slowly, probably waiting for the opportunity to counterattack, kicking a lot of troops in the home field, because Japan takes advantage of mistakes very quickly.“, said BLV Quang Huy.

Which strategy helps the Vietnamese team to surprise Japan?  - 3

Cong Phuong and Tuan Hai created a double-barreled gun for the team?

In 3 of the last 4 away matches, the Vietnamese team had a goal, even opening the score in 2 matches by boldly putting pressure on the opponent at some point. However, BLV Quang Huy believes that Japan is still a high mountain, requiring Coach Park Hang Seo to use the best people to create surprises.

Coach Park will optimize the people he has, only changing in reluctant cases, such as letting Thanh Binh kick Thanh Chung – the player is absent due to suspension. Use trustworthy people.

WOMENMany people say that the team should be rejuvenated, but only gradual rejuvenation is good for young players, but letting young players start right away is easily counterproductive. Coach Park needs to use the best and most integrated people for the system, instead of being pressured to look to the future and use young players regardless of the situation.“, analyzed by BLV Quang Huy.

Line-up prediction (3-5-2): Van Lam; Thanh Binh, Viet Anh, Ngoc Hai; Tan Tai, Tuan Anh, Quang Hai, Hung Dung, Van Xuan; Cong Phuong, Tuan Hai

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