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While playing happily, the 7-year-old girl collapsed to the ground, crying out in pain, what happened next was terrifying

Recently on Saturday afternoon (March 26), a 7-year-old girl was hit in the arm by a stray bullet while playing outside her grandmother’s house, WNBC4-New York reported locally.

A witness at the scene in Hempstead, New York, said that after stepping out of an alley, the suspect pointed the barrel of a gun at a group of people on the other side of the street, an area with many community centers and children’s playgrounds. I’m around.

Radiah Simmons, the victim’s mother, said: “We see a suspicious person on the street. Then he rushed over and started shooting. I covered my face to avoid the broken glass and told my daughter to run away. Suddenly, she was lying on the ground, screaming, ‘I’m in pain! I’m in so much pain, Mom!’‘, Mrs. Simmons recounted.

Patricia Murphy, the girl’s grandmother, said she was riding a scooter in the yard with her 3-year-old brother when the shooting happened. “She yelled ‘Help me! Save me! Why shoot at the child? Why shoot at the child?’. Then a bullet pierced through the mantle and hit its arm“.

While playing happily, the 7-year-old daughter suddenly collapsed on the ground, screaming in pain, the next development made the mother

The scene of an incident.

It’s appalling. This will be a nightmare that will haunt her for the rest of her life. How can I explain this to him when he is only 7 years old?“, the grandmother added.

After the incident, Mrs. Simmons quickly took her daughter to a nearby hospital. The girl has now been discharged from the hospital after receiving timely treatment.

The gun violence here is horrible, we can’t live here anymore. We had to move because the kids couldn’t be here. She no longer wants to come back here. It was too scary” said the little girl’s grandmother.

Police patrolled the neighborhood on Saturday looking for a suspect and investigating the motive behind the shooting. However, they have not been able to arrest or release any description of the suspect.

Whoever the killer is, he will be found, will be arrested and will go to jail. I hope the police find him before us“, added Mrs. Murphy.

In January, a similar incident happened when an 8-year-old boy was killed by a stray bullet in the head. The shooter is said to have stepped out of a nearby vehicle and opened fire as the mother and daughter were walking down the street.

Also this past January, an 11-month-old girl was shot in the face by a stray bullet while she was sitting in a car with her mother waiting for her father at a snack bar in the Bronx. The bullet was intended for the man who had a conflict with the shooter, but it flew into the car and lodged in the child’s left cheek.

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