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Why does Levoit Core 300s conquer home cleaning enthusiasts?

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 14:00 PM (GMT+7)

If you are someone who cares about the air quality in your home, you certainly cannot ignore the Levoit Core 300s air purifier from the US. Let’s discover what makes cleaning fans fall in love with this machine!

Smart design

Levoit Core 300s is an air purifier with a compact cylindrical size, 36cm high and 22cm in diameter, weighing 2.7kg. The design language of the machine has a modern style with simple but delicate rounded lines, making it easy to integrate into any interior space.

Why does Levoit Core 300s conquer home cleaning enthusiasts?  - first

Compact design makes it easy for users to place Levoit Core 300s anywhere in the house

In addition, the machine also uses a 360-degree air inlet to optimize air filtration performance regardless of the location of the machine. The part above the lid is the location of the air outlet and the touch panel. In this area, in addition to the basic adjustment buttons, the manufacturer also designed an LED strip to indicate the air quality in your room in 4 levels (Blue – Very Good, Green – Good, Yellow). – Average, Red – Poor). This light strip will help you quickly and conveniently assess the air quality.

Extremely high air filtration efficiency

For its compact size, what the Levoit Core 300s brings is very impressive. The area that this model can cover is up to 41m2, the highest air filter flow is up to 195m3/h.

Why does Levoit Core 300s conquer home cleaning enthusiasts?  - 2

Small but mighty, Levoit Core 300s can clean the air for a room with an area of ​​​​up to 41m2.

The air quality of the Levoit Core 300s is absolutely guaranteed when it is committed to purifying 97.99% of PM 0.3 fine dust. To do this, Levoit Core 300s has equipped with a powerful 3-layer filter core. The first layer of fabric filter blocks hair, pet dander, and coarse dust particles. The second layer is a high-performance HEPA H13 screen that is able to filter out fine dust, smoke particles, pollen and pet hairs. Before the air flow is returned to your room, it will pass through the activated carbon filter to deodorize, filter out cigarette smoke as well as toxic volatile compounds.

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology

If it was just a purifier with a 3-layer filter core and a large filter flow, Levoit Core 300s could not have become an air purifier that received so much attention. It is the supporting technologies inside this machine that have created an attraction for house cleaning enthusiasts.

The first is the AirVortex air compression technology. This is Levoit’s exclusive patented technology, allowing to increase the pressure of the air stream during the filtration process, helping to accelerate the filtration speed as well as optimize the cleaning performance when bringing the air through the layers. filter.

Why does Levoit Core 300s conquer home cleaning enthusiasts?  - 3

With a refined appearance, the Levoit Core 300s is also equipped with leading technologies

Next is the AirSight technology that checks the air quality with the sensor integrated on the Levoit Core 300s. This is a technology that scans space with a sensor to calculate the air quality, and automatically adjusts the filter level accordingly.

A device of smarthome

Connectable to a smartphone via the VeSync app, the Levoit Core 300s transforms from a powerful air purifier into a smart device in your home. With this application, you can control the Levoit Core 300s purifier remotely, adjust the appropriate level of filtration and assess the air quality quickly from the phone screen.

Why does Levoit Core 300s conquer home cleaning enthusiasts?  - 4

VeSync application helps turn Levoit Core 300s into a smart, remote-controlled air purifier

In addition, you can also schedule automatic shutdown of the machine at specific time frames using the application, monitor the air quality history to evaluate the effectiveness of the purifier…

Super quiet, super economical

Despite having a filtering capacity for an area of ​​up to 41m2 and an air flow of 195m3/h, the engine of the Levoit Core 300s is extremely economical. Specifically, according to the manufacturer’s information, an hour of operation of the Levoit Core 300s only consumes 27W of power. To achieve this, Levoit used an advanced brushless motor for its air purifier. This is a motor line that is highly appreciated for its power saving as well as performance.

Besides, Levoit Core 300s can also be considered as the quietest air purifier with the noise level in the strongest mode only falling at about 53-55dB, which is smaller than a whisper in the ear.

Why does Levoit Core 300s conquer home cleaning enthusiasts?  - 5

With extremely low noise, Levoit Core 300s still ensures clean air at night without affecting your sleep.

Of course, the Levoit Core 300s is also equipped with a sleep mode with an even lower noise level, only 24dB. This means that it will be quite difficult to hear the sound of the Levoit Core 300s while operating in sleep mode because the fan or normal air conditioner is already more than 30dB noisy.

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