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Why is the “blockbuster” island of A Business Proposal “hidden” on the film?

Although not finished, the movie A Business Proposal (Office Dating) brought a big buzz to the cast. Seol In Ah – the girl who plays Jin Young Seo, the female lead’s best friend – is loved by netizens with her minimalist but extremely attractive fashion sense. However, few people know that the series of outfits in the movie accidentally “killed” a valuable detail of her, which is her super-sized breasts!

In A Business Proposal, Seol In Ah plays the daughter of a tycoon. Therefore, her outfit is somewhat luxurious, mainly suits and business clothes, with items such as shirts, blouses, blazers… Unfortunately, these designs are not sexy at all, do not help The beauty flaunts the seductive curves of her body

Having to dig, dig, and dig up the beauty’s past, netizen discovered many moments of “extreme tension” in her first round. At events that Seol In Ah used to participate in, she wore body-hugging clothes. In particular, many V-neck items and chest cups have revealed the “full HD” tension of the “natural court” and the beauty’s deep chest groove. Looking at it makes me want to watch the movie because the stylist has already “drowned” her!

Why is it that the blockbuster island of A Business Proposal is hidden in the movie?  - Photo 3.

With a black boat neck dress with a high slit, Seol In Ah was more than enough to win the hearts of viewers! Not only that, this item also hugs the floor close to her body, enhancing her full bust

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Looking at Jin Young Seo in the movie, you can’t believe she used to be this bold! The cup dress doesn’t seem to be able to support the heavy “two dumbbells”, always seeming to overflow

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With the bust cut and the V-neck slit, this red silk dress is truly made for Seol In Ah! Looking at her deep chest groove, she couldn’t see her way back, but netizens were excited!

Why is it that the blockbuster island of A Business Proposal is hidden in the movie?  - Photo 6.

This picture is a bit underwhelming but… wow, one has to look at the “soul”!

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photo 1 1648391886116437483928 1648543239718 16485432397832101504398

Delicately feminine with a two-piece lace dress, Seol In Ah still can’t hide her sexy charm, because her V-neck reveals her attractive breasts.

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photo 1 16483919463351182918766 1648543242480 16485432425471714502062

Missing the neckline too deep, this white dress caused the actress to “expose” nearly half of her full breasts.

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