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Will Smith hit MC Chris Rock: It’s taboo to touch other people’s ‘roof’

Although the actor “The Pursuit of Happyness” apologized for hitting Chris Rock in the face – the MC of the Oscars ceremony, fans have not “calmed”.

Many people commented that Will Smith’s actions were unacceptable, but some readers thought that the actor should sue the MC for being ungrateful.

Big stars act without thinking

That is a very frank comment from reader Bang Tue Nhi when sharing: “Maybe you don’t know and Will Smith himself doesn’t know, that’s the difference between a person with cultural behavior and a lack of culture! an important event, attended by thousands of spectators and the whole world watched live, Will Smith’s punch/slap showed everyone just how low he is. If his ability is recognized, Will Smith will be very regretful for this lack of restraint and culture. Then everyone will understand what “class” he belongs to. hang out with him a lot!”.

Meanwhile, share under the post “Will Smith beat MC to speak ill of his wife: Yes, I… more than that!” By your friend Thanh Thuy, Alibaba readers think that to defend your wife, you can’t just fight to solve the problem. “The author infers and goes too far with the matter according to her subjective opinion. This is a matter of choosing between violence or non-violence, each person has their own way of defending their wife, it is her job to choose violence. It’s not necessary for a wife to fight.”

Will Smith hit MC Chris Rock: It’s taboo to touch other people’s ‘roof’

Readers Passersby commented, “Only blind fans dare to defend Will at this time”. Meanwhile, Cuong Nguyen affirmed: “It’s embarrassing and scary! That’s not what a thinking man should do”.

Reader with the nickname Hollywood shared: “People can celebrate violence if they want to and keep cheering for Will Smith. And I want to say here, violence is not the answer to all problems. Just like that. like war can’t bring joyful and happy victories! Look at what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine right now.”

Don’t punch, sue!

Not accepting Will Smith’s action, but Thanh Toan’s friend analyzed it very specifically: “It is necessary to reverse the problem to analyze who is right and who is wrong! Jada herself once said, “Now I can only laugh about my hair loss.” Has anyone put up a situation, Chris Rock based on Jada’s share to understand that Jada will accept that joke? So what if he openly teased the public? No matter what, violence is still unacceptable behavior – especially on a live show that billions of children around the world can watch.”

Many readers agree with criticizing Will Smith, especially at a major awards ceremony like the Oscars. Friends Dinh Ta, Hugo, Dang Ngoc Han … do not defend Chris Rock but cannot support Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband: “It is true that Chris Rock guy deserves to be condemned for his ridiculous joke. but in a civilized society, who gives Smith the right to hit other people? I also come to accept”; “This act of violence belongs to a world-class film awards ceremony, in front of billions of people around the world, to praise it, it is incomprehensible”; “If you’re not satisfied with Mr. MC, then call out privately to talk, but he’s ungrateful because he slanders his wife, I punch him in the middle of the table, what’s the point? It’s too ungrateful”…

Meanwhile, Minh Anh’s friend asked the question: “It is not okay for a star to act so violently in front of a crowd, even though the MC jokes a bit too much. Hollywood needs to withdraw the award?”. Agreeing with this opinion, Longdanviet shared: “It is advisable to consider withdrawing the award. Because it is not worthy of those who behave violently in front of millions of people”.

Reader Kim Rungg said that Will Smith should not have reacted like that, because “it’s really extremely uncultured, especially at an art award ceremony, full of academics. After automatically going on stage to slap the MC After that, it’s okay to go downstairs and curse at each other.”

Reader A Mao advised Will to sue instead of acting violently like that: “In a civilized society that respects human rights and respects the law like the US, Will’s actions are unacceptable. If he insulted his wife, why not make a claim and file a lawsuit? The whole world can testify for him.” In the opposite move, Duc Khang said that Chris could sue Will against him: “The MC can absolutely sue Smith for assault in this case, right?”.

It is taboo to touch other people’s “roof”

The story of other people’s “rooftop” is a very sensitive thing. According to reader Hue Pham, “what comedians need to remember is: Don’t touch other people’s roofs! That’s a taboo”.

Sharing the same opinion, Lam Ngoc Thang said: “Who is happy when his wife is made fun of? The roof is something that needs to be honored and protected! Does the house without a roof leak? “.

Friends Chris Nguyen, Vu Mai Phuong… approved of Will Smith’s action: “I support Will Smith. Bringing people’s diseases to jokes, selling laughter to guests is ridiculous. blasphemy and deserves to be beaten”, “The crime of making fun of other people’s wives and their illnesses is worth slapping”…

According to Vu Minh: “If you’re joking, you should be at the right person in the right place, be careful not to see the charm, then you have become ridiculous, have become a laughingstock for everyone. Will Smith’s actions on stage. today has proved that he is not only a standard father like in The Pursuit of happiness but also a gentleman in the eyes of his wife and many other sisters. I respect and appreciate what he has done.

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