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Will Smith punches Oscar, boxer Paul asks for a boxing match of 30 million USD

(Sports news, martial arts news) Boxer Jake Paul makes an attractive offer to two actors fighting at the Oscars ceremony.

The most prestigious awards ceremony in cinema, also known as the Oscar 2022, was shocked after actor Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock. Because the actor and MC made jokes about Smith’s wife, the 53-year-old actor went straight to the podium, punched Rock in the face, and then went back down.

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Jake Paul solicits two actors to fight Boxing with a total value of 30 million USD

After punching Rock, actor Will Smith was named in the male lead category as the father in King Richard. Smith said chokingly that in that movie he was always the one to stand up for his family, and at today’s ceremony he did the same. Finally, the 53-year-old actor apologized to everyone for hitting Chris Rock.

In terms of being a famous martial artist and YouTuber, Jake Paul does not oppose, even supports Smith. This famous boxer has just announced to spend 30 million USD as a reward if Smith wants to fight Rock in the Boxing ring.

Paul wrote on social media: “I got 15 million dollars for Will Smith and 15 million dollars for Chris Rock if they are ready to go to the boxing ring. Let’s do it in August. Someone should be Will Smith’s boxing agent ASAP.”

UFC President Dana White is also very excited about the fight at the Oscars: “Finally! There’s an Oscars show worth watching. Chris Rock’s chin is going to hurt.”

In the past, Smith had time to practice Boxing to play the legendary Muhammad Ali in 2001. That time was not enough for Smith to become a professional boxer, but he is completely capable of fighting with opponents. novice players like Chris Rock.

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