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8 absolutely taboo things not to do on Qingming New Year according to the old concept

Don’t wear revealing clothes

You should avoid wearing flamboyant and unobtrusive clothing when visiting graves on Thanh Minh’s New Year celebrations. Women need to pay special attention to this issue.

Don’t go to the grave when the body is unwell or tired

If you are sick or in poor health, you should not participate in digging the grave. The reason is, at this time you are in a state of decreasing luck, it is easy to meet bad luck.

8 absolute taboos not to do on Qingming New Year according to the old concept - 1

There are some taboos that everyone should know not to observe during the Qingming Festival. Illustration Don’t laugh or curse

Many families often take small children with them when they go to the cemetery, start eating or laugh at the graves, some people shout loudly because children are annoying. These are things not to do when going to the cemetery on Qingming New Year celebrations because it shows disrespect to the deceased.

Don’t let your hair cover your forehead

The ancients believed that the forehead represented the “heavenly lamp”, a feature that should always be exposed, not covered. Facial skin color will reflect a person’s luck.

On the occasion of Qingming New Year, using hair to cover the forehead will prevent the “heavenly lamp” from shining, which is easy to incite evil spirits, leading to an uneasy and pleasant life.

Avoid buying shoes

Buying shoes is also one of the things to avoid during the Qingming Festival. The reason is because in Chinese, “shoes” has a homonym for “ta”, buying shoes also means bringing “evil” to people.

Don’t stay too long in a lonely place

The ancestral graves of several families are located far from where they live, having to go through many remote areas, with few people passing by, potentially dangerous. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to follow a planned route, choose a road that is frequented by people, and don’t stop too long in lonely places to ensure the safety of yourself and your friends.

According to the feng shui concept, going to wild and remote places can easily get you infected by evil spirits. If you absolutely have to go to the area, you should go with a lot of people.

Don’t take pictures at the cemetery

When digging a grave, the most important thing is respect, careful attention. At the graveyard, you should absolutely not take pictures together or take photos carelessly, otherwise it is very easy to carry bad qi, lose the balance of yin and yang, and even damage your own body.

Pregnant women are not allowed to go to the cemetery

If you are pregnant, it is best not to go to the cemetery on the occasion of the Qingming New Year to avoid the influence of yin. In addition, the situation outside the grave is also not good for the health of the fetus.

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