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A cheap but good root like ginseng, but many people eat it wrong and say it doesn’t work

Sweet potatoes are a popular food, high in potassium, low in sodium, rich in fiber and vitamin C. Eating sweet potatoes helps in weight loss as they are lower in calories than rice. The protein content in sweet potatoes is quite low, not comparable to essential grains such as rice, flour…

Sweet potatoes come in many different colors of yellow, white and purple… with different nutritional values. Among them, yellow sweet potato has a relatively higher content of carotene, when eaten has a delicate and sweet taste, which has a protective effect on eyesight. White sweet potato is lighter in color, the fiber content in the tuber is very rich, which has the effect of stimulating gastrointestinal peristalsis and preventing constipation. In a 2008 study, the authors found that white sweet potato extract improved insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes. Purple sweet potatoes contain high levels of anthocyanins, selenium, copper, zinc, and anthocyanins. increase blood sugar.

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Eating potatoes right is something not everyone knows

Sweet potatoes have the ability to eliminate cancer cells

In a study, Japanese scientists studied the anti-cancer effects of vegetables. They carefully studied the eating habits of 260,000 people. The results show that there is a definite relationship between eating lots of vegetables and the ability to prevent and treat cancer. Among them, sweet potatoes have the strongest effect in fighting cancer.

Research shows that components such as glycolipids and proteins found in sweet potatoes have practical effects against cancer, according to the results of animal and test-tube experiments.

However, this study can only be used as a reference, because there is no real evidence that eating sweet potatoes can cure cancer, because the human body is a much more complex structure than the human body with animals.

In fact, sweet potatoes should only be considered a health supplement if eaten properly, said Wang Silu, a (China) national nutritionist.

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Potatoes must be cooked before eating

How to eat sweet potato properly?

Do not eat too many sweet potatoes at one time because it can cause stomach upset. A day, you should only eat a maximum of 150 grams of potatoes.

Sweet potatoes should be thoroughly cooked before eating, as the starch in sweet potatoes is only easily digested when cooked. Eating raw or undercooked potatoes can cause indigestion.

People with heart disease, taking beta-blockers or people with kidney problems should not eat sweet potatoes, as they can increase potassium levels in the blood.

The disassembled sweet potato should not be eaten immediately, because the sugar has not “dropped” yet, the tuber is not sweet enough. However, it is not recommended to eat potatoes that are left to sprout for a long time, moldy black spots appear, because eating them is very dangerous for health.

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