A young man sitting in a car throws a lot of big money piles on the ground “feeding the fish”: Revealing the motive

Nguyen Minh L. (SN 1997, residing in Long Dien district, province BA Ria Vung Tau), do a job real estate broker, is the person who sat on the pickup truck, took a lot of big money from the bag and threw it on the street, saying “feed the fish”. Fit spread moneyThis young man just laughed. The video after appearing on social networks caused a stir.

Dat Do district police then L. came to work.

According to Dan Tri newspaper, at the police station, Nguyen Minh L. admitted that he made the above clip and posted it on TikTok for the purpose of “like sentences, view sentences”, and increase interaction on his personal page for convenience. interests in the brokerage of land purchase and sale.

L. had the purpose of introducing information that the land was a real estate project that had been divided into 61 lots for sale, but the police determined that the information that L. gave was false.

According to the Ba Ria – Vung Tau newspaper, Minh L. said that the money used to shoot the clip was the money L. sold the house, after filming the video, he collected the money.

A young man sitting in a car throws large piles of money on the ground to feed the fish: Revealing the motive - Photo 1.

Scene L. throws money on the ground.

Dat Do district officials verified that the place where L. recorded the clip was the land in Dat Do town, Dat Do district owned by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Th. This is agricultural land, granted a land use right certificate in September 2020, with an area of ​​​​more than 21,600m2.

The landowner then authorized the above land to another person and applied for the policy of separating the parcel and dividing it into many lots. In January 2022, the above land area was approved by the Land Registration Office under the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province to be split into 41 plots.

However, this place has signs of subdivision, being sold as “project”. Many people arbitrarily drove demarcation stakes and built internal roads. The landowner was fined 45 million VND by the authorities for using the land for the wrong purpose.

Mr. Tran Phuoc Vinh, Vice Chairman of Dat Do Town People’s Committee also confirmed on VnExpress, Minh L. was the one who posted an advertisement for selling land and building illegal roads.

In the above land, the macadam road was illegally opened earlier this year. Authorities have asked the violator to restore the original condition.

“Because people have to have a road to buy land, they ignore it, watch the hours are empty, at night to do construction, so the authorities can’t detect it in time,” the source said, citing Mr. Vinh.

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