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Australia strengthens cyber control capacity

In its defense budget announcement, the Australian Government said it was the largest investment in the 75-year history of the Australian Intelligence Service (ASD).

The REDSPICE project includes the development of ASD’s cyberattack capabilities including capabilities such as recovery, defense, and attack. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government has put national security at the heart of the upcoming election campaign.

In a statement on the national budget, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said that the $9.9 billion spending over 10 years is the largest investment ever to develop the cyber system. This large budget comes with the previous announcement of Canberra’s reinforcement of the Australian army, the purchase of new Chinook helicopters, Abrams tanks and combat engineering vehicles. The increase in funding will help strengthen the cyber, data science and intelligence workforces, contributing to the creation of 1,900 more ASD jobs over the next 10 years, Frydenberg said.

According to Defense Minister Peter Dutton, Australia is aware of the deteriorating strategic situation in the region due to increased military activities and cyberattacks. “REDSPICE ensures Australia keeps up with the rapid growth in cyber capabilities of potential adversaries,” Mr Dutton said.

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