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Being challenged by her husband’s mistress about property and the end

The appearance of the third person is a problem that causes many women to worry and have headaches. Because of their arrogance and pride, those people often like to mock, challenge, and even affect your rights and life. There are many sisters because of fear and patience, so they left the life empty-handed marriage, even to let themselves be disadvantaged and miserable. However, there are also people who are always strong, asserting their voice until the moment before going to court. As the story of N. below is an example.

Being challenged by her husband’s mistress about the matter of property and the strong response of the intelligent wife

N. get married Within the first 4 years, she gave birth to 2 handsome and healthy sons. Both husband and wife got married when there was nothing in their hands, they built their careers from scratch. N.’s husband’s family is a bit better off, they help their children a lot in buying a house to settle down and settle down. That house is also a memory of the couple when they were still in love. Later, when life gradually stabilizes, they buy cars and buy many other valuable assets.

Being challenged by her husband's mistress about property, the strong wife did something that made the opponent immediately


For women, she always presents herself as a model of courage and ingenuity in all aspects. While taking care of children, trying to be a solid rear for her husband and building a happy home. After N. gave birth to her second child, she also quit her job at the company, and her husband said that he could fully support the whole family.

Events hit that happy and warm house. Another woman appeared, and N.’s husband could not keep his sanity. They came together secretly for more than 1 year after N. gave birth to the second baby. And then the needle in the sheath soon popped out. Shocking photos reach the hands of the poor woman.

The couple N. had many conflicts and arguments. And in the end, they came to the decision to end the relationship, because N. couldn’t stand the man’s callousness and cruelty. But the story doesn’t stop there. The third person spoke with a defiant attitude, even saying that she would fight for what she deserved. And considering that N. is useless, he will have to leave empty-handed.

Faced with the challenge from her husband’s mistress, N. believes that she is always in a higher position than her. Over the years, she sacrificed for her husband and children, also contributed to repaying the debt, there was no reason to leave empty-handed. Along with that, N. knows her biggest asset right now is her two babies. She did not want her two children to be separated.

N. had a private conversation with her husband’s parents, telling the whole story. She believes that, her parents-in-law understand, they will know how she devoted herself to her grandfather’s family. Finally, thanks to the influence of her husband’s family, N.’s husband did not dare to listen to the seduction of his mistress. Both sides still end the relationship but in peace. N. has custody of her two children and the house where she and her husband still live. And the man has to provide monthly allowance and leave. The mistress was also stiff-necked and did not dare to challenge anymore. Until the last moment before going to court, N. was still able to bravely face everything, affirm his voice.

When ending a relationship, there are 3 things that women should remember

Children are the most important and precious assets

A woman who understands this will help innocent children have a peaceful life even if their parents are separated. You need to remember to always put the interests and interests of your children first.

Being challenged by her husband's mistress about property, the strong wife did something that made the opponent immediately


What you have sacrificed, is worth getting back

People who interrupt other people’s family happiness often don’t understand this philosophy. They think their youthfulness and charm will take it all. But it is a fact that the “main house” is the one who has stood shoulder to shoulder with the man since the marriage began. They really deserve to receive what they have sacrificed.

Please ask for the influence of the husband’s family

In the case of not being able to talk frankly and clearly with her husband, women can also look to his family so that they can stand out for advice and resolve conflicting issues. If you are a kind person, surely they will also help from the bottom of their hearts. bow-hong-20220330173148696.chn

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