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BIDV simultaneously received 04 typical Vietnamese bank awards

The award ceremony was just held on March 25, within the framework of the Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2021, organized by the Vietnam Banks Association (VNBA) and the International Data Corporation in Vietnam. Nam (IDG Vietnam) coordinated to implement in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the ceremony, BIDV was honored to receive 04 awards including: “Typical Retail Bank 2021”; “Typical Digital Transformation Bank 2021”; “Typical innovative products and services” and “Typical banks for the community”.

These are 4 awards in the Vietnam Outstanding Banking Awards (VOBA), including prestigious award categories in the country with the coordination between VNBA and IDG Vietnam.

BIDV simultaneously received 04 typical Vietnamese bank awards - 1

Representative of BIDV received the Outstanding Retail Bank award.

VOBA award categories are reviewed based on many strict criteria and are evaluated objectively and independently by experts representing Government agencies, ministries, branches and associations in the financial field. , Bank.

Winning these prestigious awards is a recognition of BIDV’s efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges to maintain its No. 1 position in the market in terms of retail size, performance and customer base growth. personal goods; make a spectacular breakthrough in digital transformation and always uphold the responsibility to the community, especially during the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic.

BIDV simultaneously received 04 typical Vietnamese bank awards - 2

BIDV’s representative received the Outstanding Digital Transformation Bank award.

In retail banking activities, 2021 continues to mark a strong transformation of BIDV in the digitization of products and services; increase customer experience and service quality; maintain the image of the best bank for individual customers.

The VOBA Voting Board recognized the outstanding development of BIDV’s retail banking with the highest total score: market leading scale of capital mobilization, service and retail credit, contribution comprehensive effect on bank profits; The individual customer base, especially digital customers, has the highest growth in the market…

BIDV simultaneously received 04 typical Vietnamese bank awards - 3

BIDV’s representative received the Outstanding Product and Service Award.

With those impressive results, BIDV became the first bank to be named in the VOBA award category in 2021 and the only bank in Vietnam to achieve the “Typical Retail Bank” award for 6 years. consecutively from 2016-2021.

Particularly for the E-Banking segmentBIDV was recognized by the 2nd “Typical Digital Transformation Bank in 2021” award. Over the years, BIDV is proud to be one of the leading units in digital transformation of the banking industry and has always identified It is clear that digital transformation is one of the three main pillars in the business development strategy.

BIDV simultaneously received 04 typical Vietnamese bank awards - 4

BIDV’s representative received the Outstanding Bank for the Community Award.

Thanks to the right, timely and drastic strategies, BIDV has achieved remarkable digital transformation results in 2021 with many clear impressions on the market: The number of transactions on digital channels accounts for nearly 70% total transactions; Net income from digital banking increased by 66% compared to 2020.

With outstanding growth results, BIDV’s efforts have been recognized by many domestic and foreign organizations such as: “Vietnam’s most innovative e-banking” award in 2021 by The Global Banking & Finance magazine. selected (iBank products), the Best Digital Consumer Bank Award in Vietnam 2021 (Best Digital Consumer Bank) voted by Global Finance magazine.

BIDV aims to comprehensively digitize by promoting the development of digital distribution channels and new products on digital channels.

In particular, the new generation Omni SmartBanking product for individual customers has made a strong impression on the market with many pioneering features such as ekYC, online savings book mortgage loans, comprehensive Loyalty points accumulation system, etc. Vinmart online supermarket; especially the SmartBanking application on Apple Watch with many outstanding features allows customers to perform basic financial transactions right on the smart watch.

BIDV simultaneously received 04 typical Vietnamese bank awards - 5

BIDV simultaneously received 04 awards of Typical Vietnamese Bank.

For corporate customers, BIDV deploys Omni iBank version with many preeminent features, uniform experience, seamless on web, mobile app; especially, BIDV Home application is the optimal support ecosystem for individual customers to borrow money to buy a house.

BIDV also constantly promotes cooperation with Fintech companies to build: Online payment ecosystem with more than 1,500 service providers (BIDV Paygate); Approaching the trend of open banking (OpenBank) to build ERP Connection products…

Besides, BIDV was also honored to receive the award “Typical innovative products and services” with the program “Accompanying the medical industry, joining hands to overcome the pandemic” to support medical staff working at hospitals. , medical facilities nationwide; total support costs up to 1,670 billion VND.

The program provides: A special preferential service credit package to support medical staff and a donation of 100,000 COVID-19 prevention outfits to hospitals and medical facilities.

Through the program, BIDV wishes to accompany and share some of the difficulties with the medical team, doctors and medical staff who are on the front lines against the COVID-19 epidemic.

By the end of February 2022, the program has brought joy and support to 113,400 doctors and nurses who are dedicating day and night to society. In addition, BIDV also develops hundreds of products and services specifically for each individual customer segment; which is especially aimed at digitized, user-friendly, easy-to-use SPDVs, bringing the best experience to customers.

Besides business tasks, BIDV has always been a pioneer in social security activities, bringing benefits to the community, actively contributing to improving people’s quality of life and sustainable poverty reduction. The “Excellent Bank for the Community” award is a testament to BIDV’s contributions to the community and society.

From 2017 alone until now, BIDV has implemented social security programs worth nearly 1,300 billion VND, focusing on the fields of: Education, healthcare, building houses for the poor, and natural disaster relief. Especially in 2020 and 2021, BIDV has actively participated in COVID-19 prevention and control activities with a total value of nearly 300 billion VND.

Besides, BIDV continues to implement many meaningful social security programs such as: Every year, giving Tet gifts to the poor with thousands of gifts; Planting 1 million trees in areas frequently affected by natural disasters; Donating hundreds of ambulances to hospitals…

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