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Compare fingerprints to find stolen employees

You should rely on the testimony of the suspects and compare fingerprints to identify the document thief.

Question 1: Secretary Sneak clamped the important contract in a file on the table and went to lunch. When he returned, Sneak discovered the contract had disappeared. Three employees entered the office in Sneak’s absence.

Assistant Frank said to return the pin he borrowed this morning, he left it on the table without touching anything else. Security guard Jo brought the courier box to Sneak. Sanitation worker Sarah cleans the office, wipes Sneak’s desk, but does not steal documents.

Check the fingerprints on the table and each employee, can you guess who the thief is?

Quiz: Compare fingerprints to find stolen employees


Verse 2: The supermarket’s warehouse was stolen last night, the manager immediately reported it to the police. Three night shift workers are suspected. Alice, the accountant, said she was busy doing monthly reports in the office and never went to the warehouse. Stan, the cashier, stood at the checkout all night because it was crowded and didn’t have time to go to the warehouse. Clara, the chef, was busy making burgers and never left the kitchen.

Who is the thief?

Quiz: Compare fingerprints to find stolen employees - 1


Question 3: Charlie invites three close friends to a birthday party. But halfway through, he felt tired so he went to his room to rest. Two hours later, when Charlie did not return, his friends went to visit and found that Charlie had died from a knife attack.

Police arrived at the scene to investigate. They collect photos taken during the party for clues. Who do you think the police should arrest?

Quiz: Compare fingerprints to find stolen employees - 2


Question 4: At the restaurant, the lights suddenly went out while everyone was eating. When the lights came back on, they discovered a guest lying unconscious on the floor, someone had hit him on the head.

Police asked what the three guests closest to the victim were doing when the attack happened. Homer said he was texting his girlfriend, Rod was looking at the menu, and Kylie was looking for her wallet that had been dropped under the table.

Who is the attacker?

Quiz: Compare fingerprints to find stolen employees - 3


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