Dat Villa has a 7-year-old daughter

Sharing about Dat Villa’s past made everyone surprised and fell back.

Besides the admiration for the cross-border love story with an Indonesian girlfriend, recently, hot tiktoker 5 million followers – Dat Villa surprised everyone when publicly having a daughter. Even his daughter is 7 years old, but now Dat and his wife are divorced.

In the shared clip, Dat Villa is ready to make his past public, but he is also extremely frustrated when his private life is dug up and scrutinized.

In particular, Dat Villa said that Vidhia’s girlfriend also knew about his past. In addition, appearing in the clip with Dat Villa recently also appeared Vidhia.

However, she did not seem to care too much about what her lover was saying, perhaps partly because she was not fluent in Vietnamese and partly because she knew Dat’s story.

Shock: Dat Villa publicly became a father at the age of 21, divorced his wife for 7 years-1

“She (ie Vidhia’s girlfriend) doesn’t care about my past, why do you guys keep digging? It’s ok to merge photos or do other things, but there are people who want to dig up old stories. old.

I always said that my daughter is 7 years old this year and I have been divorced for 7 years now. Dat Villa frankly.

Dat Villa’s recent revelation surprised followers because he had never revealed his private life before. Netizen was also shocked when hot Tiktok became a father when he was only 21 years old.

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