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Deputy Prime Minister asked to strictly handle violations on the stock market


On March 30, on behalf of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai directed the implementation of measures to ensure the stock market operates stably, safely, smoothly, openly, transparently and developed. lasting.

Specifically, the Deputy Prime Minister requested the Minister of Finance, the Governor to The bank of Viet Nam directing functional agencies and units to closely monitor and supervise developments in the financial and monetary markets, stock market within the country and internationally to take the initiative in taking measures to manage the financial, monetary, credit and securities markets according to their competence, and the operation of credit institutions to be stable, safe and smooth. .

The Minister of Finance and Chairman of the State Securities Commission shall direct functional agencies and units to actively monitor and closely monitor developments in the domestic and international stock market, capital outflows and capital flows. and enter the market to proactively have solutions to manage and supervise the stock market in an appropriate, timely and close manner to the situation, ensuring the safety, transparency and stability of the stock market, avoiding any risks. risk, loss of safety. Proactively disclose information and implement solutions to stabilize investor sentiment at home and abroad, and protect investors’ legitimate interests.

Promote the review of mechanisms and policies and improve the legal framework related to handling violations in the securities and securities market sectors in order to have strong sanctions and effective deterrence and protection. ensure transparency and soundness of the stock market.

The Ministry of Finance, the Chairman of the State Securities Commission directed the functional agencies and units to continue to monitor and deal with early, decisively and effectively problems in the securities sector. such as the securities trading system, the disclosure of information of public companies and listed enterprises, the quality of corporate audit reports, etc.

The Deputy Prime Minister requested the agencies according to their assigned functions and tasks to actively handle strictly cases and violations on the stock market in accordance with the law, ensuring the stock market operates in a healthy and transparent manner. transparent, stable and secure.

The Minister of Information and Communications directs the press agencies to promptly report truthfully and accurately; strictly handle cases of reporting, posting in contravention of regulations, negatively affecting investor psychology and stabilizing the stock market.

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