Enhancement – classic feature in Gunny Origin

“Relive the feeling of Chicken” with Den Vau & Gunny Origin:

The player can enhance jewelry with EXP gems, weapons (main & secondary)/shirts/hats of the character with level 1 to 5 stones. If you want to enhance any item, put them in the item box and reinforcement operation. For each level, the system will require the corresponding number of materials, of course, after the enhancement is complete, these materials will also be lost.

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Enhancing with level 1 to 5 stones is really being expected by Gunny Origin gamers

Not every enhancement is 100% successful, but this feature has a very odd probability of success. Sometimes the system reports a success rate of up to 90% but still fails, at that time, equipment / weapons will likely be downgraded, gamers will “retire” to collect or buy more stones to “good luck” on the next reinforcement. If luck is successful, the equipment/weapon/jewelry level will increase, the attribute stats (damage, attack, defense, agility, luck) will increase and then the overall strength of the character is also increased. Note, with jewelry, the enhancement result will always be 100%, so the strength will only increase.

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Enhancement/composite can be transferred to other equipment/weapon/jewelry. Strengthening/combining equipment/weapons/jewelry is to help increase the character’s fixed attribute stats.

Also within the scope of character strengthening, players can also split, refine, transfer and combine into equipment/weapons/jewelry. All these operations require going to the Blacksmith Shop, consuming materials & props to change the item’s attribute stats.

It can be said that this is one of the few features that bring a lot of emotions to the player because of the luck through each enhancement. This feature is intended to strengthen the character, but also helps players look back to see where their “dignity” lies!

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The official release date of Gunny Origin is approaching

Gunny Origin is a completely new game operating on the mobile platform, the game belongs to the Gunny coordinate shooting game series. Gunny Origin is the result of the cooperation between VNG and the developer 7Road, the game conveys the message “relive the feeling of Chicken”, officially announced on April 6, 2022.

According to the operator representative, the game has completed the technical stages, ready to welcome players into the experience in the coming days! On the occasion of the official launch, the game will also have more playgrounds and promotions for rookies on Chicken Island.

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