Even a healthy sweet potato turns into a ‘poison’ when combined with the following great dishes

High in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, sweet potatoes can help boost immunity naturally.

In addition, adding sweet potatoes to your daily diet can meet your body’s vitamin and mineral needs, help improve vision, control blood pressure and blood sugar, and reduce the risk of stroke. .

Even a healthy sweet potato turns into a 'poison' when combined with the following great dishes - Photo 1.

The foods that are great with sweet potatoes

Despite the many benefits, sweet potatoes are not recommended to be used with the following foods:

Do not eat with corn

Corn is considered a food with high nutritional content. On average, 100g of corn contains about 70.6g of carbohydrates, rich in quality, fiber, fat, magnesium, potassium… In addition, corn contains a large amount of vitamins, 5-10 times higher than the amount of vitamins in rice. and wheat.

In order to digest corn, the stomach needs to secrete a lot of acid and it also takes a long time to complete this job. If you eat corn and sweet potatoes at the same time, it will put a burden on the stomach, causing the stomach to secrete more acid to digest both foods, worse, causing acid reflux.

Do not eat with pumpkin

Sweet potatoes and pumpkins are two beneficial foods, but when combined, they cause miasma. The condition of anhydrous, heartburn when eating 2 foods at the same time. Note when cooking, it must be cooked thoroughly if you do not want the full state to be heavier.

Do not eat with tomatoes

If the recipe contains sweet potatoes, you should not add tomatoes. Because sweet potatoes have sugar, when consuming this food, the stored sugar will activate the stomach to save many acid sites.

Meanwhile, tomatoes when eaten into the body easily end up in a strong acidic environment, from food will accumulate in the intestines and thicken, causing difficulty in digestion, absorption, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Do not eat with bananas

Just like tomatoes, when eating sweet potatoes should not eat half of them. These are both products that are easy to create. Therefore, if you eat at the same time, it will be easy for the effusion to return. Drive, when eating too many bananas and sweet potatoes will lead to difficulty in digestion and absorption, in severe cases can cause chronic toxicity as food in the intestines and stomach are inhibited.

Do not eat with eggs

Eggs are a high-protein, low-fat food that is very suitable for breakfast. Whether eggs and sweet potatoes can be combined or not depends on each object. Specifically, people with good peristalsis and digestive system, eating these two dishes at the same time will not cause any harm.

However, for people with indigestion, it is best not to eat both dishes at the same time. Because when eating eggs, the stomach needs a large amount of time to fully digest the protein content in eggs. If you continue to eat more sweet potatoes, it will increase the burden on the digestive tract and cause abdominal pain.

Do not eat with persimmons

The sugar in sweet potatoes, when entering the body, will easily ferment in the stomach, doing that, when eating sweet potatoes, will create an increase in the stomach. If you eat both sweet potatoes and persimmons the same, it will thicken and end the acid in the stomach, causing a chemical reaction of compound tannins – pectin of persimmons, in severe cases may experience gastrointestinal bleeding. inflammation or inflammation of the small intestine.

Even a healthy sweet potato turns into a 'poison' when combined with the following great dishes - Photo 2.

People who should not eat sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is a very good food, but for some people with the following diseases, it should be limited, even ‘taboo’ with this dish.

People who are hungry

Sweet potatoes have a lot of sugar, if eaten a lot, especially when hungry, it will increase the secretion of gastric juice, causing heartburn, heartburn, and bloating. To avoid this situation, you need to boil it before eating, or when boiling for a little alcohol to destroy the yeast.

If you have a full stomach, you can make ginger juice to drink. It is important to note that you should not eat sweet potatoes when hungry.

People with kidney disease

People with kidney disease should absolutely not eat sweet potatoes because they contain a lot of fiber, potassium, vitamin A …, when the kidney’s weak function to remove excess potassium is limited, it will cause dangerous harm such as: arrhythmia, weakness of the heart.

People with poor digestion

People who have a bad digestive system, often have flatulence, abdominal distension should not eat a lot of sweet potatoes because when eating will increase gastric secretion, causing intestinal heat, heartburn, and bloating.

People with stomach diseases

If eating sweet potatoes on an empty stomach, it is easy to stimulate gastric acid secretion, affecting the digestive function of the stomach. In particular, people with diseases related to the stomach, or people with weak digestive function, which easily leads to abdominal pain, stomach ulcers, and chronic gastritis patients should avoid eating sweet potatoes so as not to cause problems. make the pain worse.

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