Faker chose the score 3-1,

Only a few days left, the final match LCK Spring 2022 will officially take place with the confrontation between the two teams: T1 and Gen.G Esports. Besides the meaning of deciding the new king of the LCK Spring 2022 after DWG KIA was eliminated as well as deciding a place to attend MSI 2022, this is also a final of historical significance. Two former Worlds champions will face off against each other, T1 aiming for the record for the first team to have the most perfect season in history League of Legends. Still Geng must prove that they are the best all-star squad in the LCK today.

T1 stars are extremely confident before the historic final: Faker chose the score 3-1, grandson Gumayusi confirmed 3-0 - Photo 1.

T1 is an undefeated team and is looking forward to a historic season

In the group stage, in both the first and second legs, the audience did not have the opportunity to witness the quality confrontation between T1 and Gen.G. The reason is that while T1 swept every team, there were some periods when Gen.G did not have the strongest force because of the impact of COVID-19.

But in the upcoming final, if there aren’t any unexpected situations, surely, the two teams will bring the best squad. And so, no matter which team wins, this can be seen as the most anticipated final of League of Legends at the moment. One side is the “lonely defeating” of the world League of Legends, and the other is the team challenging that record chain.

T1 stars are extremely confident on the eve of the historic final: Faker chose the score 3-1, grandson Gumayusi confirmed 3-0 - Photo 2.

Gen.G will play the challenger on Faker and his teammates’ record-setting path

But even so, with the current performances, and the rising form, the T1 players are all very confident about a victory for the home team. In his latest statement, Faker The whole team can win with a score of 3-1. However, his “nephew” Gumayusi is more confident: “If we hadn’t made mistakes and were focused, it would have been 3-0.” In particular, Gumayusi made this statement even before the Semi-Final match between DK and Gen.G took place. Besides, coach Polt also predicted 3-0 in the recent press conference.

Coach, captain of 2 teams T1 and Gen.G predict the outcome of the match

With the spirit rising, the confidence of T1 members is completely grounded. But even so, Gen.G is still a strong team and for sure, the League of Legends community is also looking forward to a final that will be dramatic, attractive, worthy of what fans expect in an important match. LCK Spring 2022. gumayusi-khang-dinh-3-0-20220330165431943.chn

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