For the first time, the palace maid played a game like no other with Qian Long

Who is this concubine and what did this person do on that night of death to make Qian Long fall in love?

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Ling Fei was one of the most famous concubines of the Qianlong emperor. Few people know that in order to get an important position in the emperor’s heart, this concubine had worked hard to think of enough schemes.

Legend has it that, after once being favored by Emperor Qian Long, Ling Fei immediately went from a palace maid to become a concubine. Emperor most favored. The reason was that on that first night of grace, this concubine made Qian Long so entangled that it was impossible to stop.

According to historical records, Lingfei’s real name is Wei Giai Thi, her father is a small mandarin, and her family condition is also very mediocre. Through a selection of maidens of the Interior Department, Wei Giai Thi was fortunate to be selected and became one of the women of the emperor’s harem.

Wei Jia Thi was originally from a fairly low background, but she did not have too many advantages compared to other beautiful women. So why was she still chosen? The reason was that the selection of young ladies for the emperor that time was not enough, Wei Giai Thi was fortunately chosen with the reason to “add”.

Because she joined the harem for such a reason, Wei Giai Thi’s initial status was very low, only 1 Sap (named 1 hierarchical concubine).

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The image of Ling Fei is shown in the film by the actors. (Photo: Baidu)

Although she has no firm support, but Wei Giai Thi has a very “up to date” mind. She clearly understood the principle that “a woman without talent is virtuous” of the feudal society, so she soon prepared herself with the best strategies to step up in the harem.

Her family is not prominent, but Wei Giai Thi was born with a beautiful face. According to historical records, when she first entered the palace, this Wei family was described with beautiful words: skin as white as snow, graceful and graceful as a willow tree, …

Knowing this strength of hers, Wei Jia Thi found all sorts of ways to approach the Qianlong king. After many attempts to intentionally approach the king unsuccessfully, luck finally came.

While wandering around aimlessly in the palace, King Qianlong accidentally saw Wei Giai Thi. And was captivated by the beauty of this woman at first sight.

The “flowers” in the palace all belonged to the emperor, as long as the emperor liked it, he could cut and enjoy at any time.

Leng Phi is bad at poison in the night of the market

After a moment of dazed before the beauty of Wei Giai Thi, Qian Long immediately summoned her to the palace that night. Wei Jia Thi officially achieved her goal.

That night, she even made the Qianlong king so infatuated, so happy that he forgot the way home, and remained enthralled.

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Concubines always think of ways to win the emperor’s heart. (Artwork: Baidu)

As the owner of the harem, Qianlong did not know that the excitement that the king enjoyed that day did not arise naturally. In fact, everything was arranged by a hard-working Wei Giai Thi.

The reason is that Wei Giai Thi clearly grasps the man’s psychology and desire to conquer. Moreover, Qianlong is also an emperor, his desire to conquer is stronger than anyone.

On the night of the royal court, it can be said that the Qianlong king coerced Wei Giai Thi, because she did not obey like other women that the king once favored.

However, this woman did not show panic or scream. On the contrary, she also used a trick to arouse the king’s desire.

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Concubine Order from a lowly palace maid to become the most favored Concubine of Qianlong. (Photo: Baidu)

That is not being too submissive, not too proactive to receive, but at the same time showing weakness. Qianlong is an emperor who has everything in his hand, but has a little difficulty in conquering a woman.

This not only did not make King Qianlong angry, but also made him feel even more excited.

Just like that, Wei Giai Thi maintained the state of “just letting go and letting go” on that first night of grace and made the Qianlong king fall in love.

Succeeding to win the king’s heart right from the very first night of the palace, Wei Giai Thi climbed up the ladder one step at a time. Her path to advancement in the harem is constantly increasing.

Unexpectedly, Ling Fei (Nguyen Giai Thi) from a palace maid with a low status was added to the harem because the number of participants was not enough, in just 3 years, she became a prestigious concubine. .

Later, Lingfei gave birth to Emperor Qianlong a total of 6 children. In it, one of the children of this concubine – Thap Ngu A Ca Vinh Diem became the successor of Qian Long (later Emperor Gia Khanh).

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