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Hands are quick and quick, a glimpse is through the eyes of the buyer?

The story of the salesman’s tricks to “pass the eyes” of the buyer, reduce the volume of goods, and increase the amount of money collected from customers has always made netizens constantly stir. As recently, a guy shared a clip of a fishmonger “using” a trick to increase the volume of fish for customers, making everyone angry.

The guy “unveiled” the fishmonger’s trick: His hand was quick and quick, a glimpse of the buyer’s eyes?

Specifically, in the clip, when the buyer finished choosing the fish, the seller immediately put it on the scale with a metal balance plate. It wouldn’t matter if the guy who took the video didn’t notice this when he finished weighing: Turns out, the original scale (not including the metal plate) was correctly adjusted to zero. That means when weighing including this plate, the total weight of the fish is suddenly increased by the same weight of the plate and this means that Buyer will have to pay extra.

Although this clip is not clear, but through what is recorded in the video, netizens are extremely displeased:

– Boycott this fish shop.

– Not only 1 plate, but 2, everyone. A whole “art”, not kidding.

– When you go shopping, remember to look carefully, everyone.

Anyway, through this clip, netizens also learned a lesson to be careful and careful when shopping to avoid situations like this.

Source: TikTok buy-20220330175444667.chn

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