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Hot air balloon landed on Tuyen Quang street

The hot air balloon during the festival in Tuyen Quang is located in the field and on the road, the organizer said that this is a purposeful landing process, not a fall.

On March 30, Tuyen Quang opened the hot air balloon festival. Right in the morning, a series of pictures were shared on social networks showing the hot air balloon flying to the street, near the river, the field… Many people questioned the operator’s qualifications and safety. this activity.

Answer VnExpressMr. Nguyen Van Son, Chairman of Tuyen Quang Provincial People’s Committee, shared that he had received information about hot air balloons landing in many locations. He said this is not a technical problem or an accident, the festival is still safe.

“The free-flying hot air balloon depends on the direction of the wind, unlike an airplane that starts at one point and lands at one point. The pilot will land in a place wide enough and safe,” Mr. Son said.

Tuyen Quang denied the news of the hot air balloon falling

A resident filmed a hot air balloon landing this morning. Video: Page Hanoi/Facebook

Talking about the hot air balloon’s landing locations this morning, Mr. Wout Bakker, a representative of the International Balloon Association, a member of the Organizing Committee, said: “These places are completely normal. The pilot chooses different locations. At the moment, the fields in Tuyen Quang are flooded and already planted with rice, so it is not possible to land here to damage the rice, instead they choose The road is nearby, there are no vehicles. The hot air balloon cannot be lowered immediately, but slowly, vehicles can be seen from a distance and give way in about 10-15 minutes.”

Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Ha, Director of Ballooning Media Co., Ltd., a co-organizer, added that there were tourists on the hot air balloon and they were safe. Ms. Ha said that according to regulations, hot air balloons are only allowed to fly within a radius of 5 km from the starting point (Nguyen Tat Thanh square), so when the time runs out (maximum 45 minutes), there is an empty space like this from afar. empty roads, fields… the pilot will slowly lower altitude. Then they release air to slow down the speed. When the basket is safely lowered to the ground, the new ball is deflated, the logistics team will come to collect. The flying area has been surveyed by the organizers before.

Before questioning about the pilot’s qualifications, Ms. Ha said that the festival brings together foreign pilots who have obtained degrees from the Civil Aviation Administration of different countries. They must have more than 1,000 flight hours to be able to participate in hot air ballooning. “The pilots in the festival have 20 years of flying experience and have participated in many festivals around the world. They can judge the landing speed needed to land smoothly. Tuyen Quang doesn’t have as wide a range as many. But the natural scenery is beautiful, so this is an experience worth trying for visitors,” she said.

Previously, the company held a festival in Hue City, the hot air balloon sometimes landed near people’s houses, in the fields and was welcomed by the people.

Hot air balloon landing in the field.  Photo: Page BeatVN/Facebook

The hot air balloon landed on the edge of the field. Photo: Page BeatVN/Facebook

Tuyen Quang International Balloon Festival was first held, taking place at Nguyen Tat Thanh square, Tan Trao historical site and Na Hang nature reserve, from March 30 to April 3.

The hot air balloons perform and show light or serve the hot air ballooning experience for tourists. Accordingly, visitors can fly with a hot air balloon hanging at an altitude of 50-70 m for about 5 minutes, fly freely at an altitude of 200-300 m with a radius of 3-5 km to see Tuyen Quang city.

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