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“Hot girl Long An has 50 billion” made a mistake when choosing underwear to break the outfit-Fashion

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 10:01 AM (GMT+7)

Not only Sam, but many Vietnamese beauties also have the same problem when choosing lingerie.

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Hot girl Sam.

Hot girl Sam (real name Nguyen Ha My) is still known as one of the “comprehensive” beauties of Vbiz when she is not only successful in the field of art but also good at business. At the age of 30, she is already an “underground giant” when publicly owning a fortune of more than 50 billion thanks to a large income from the real estate, securities business…

Besides talent, Sam’s beauty and appearance also received many beautiful words. Especially in her there are changes, breakthroughs and more mature in style. Instead of pursuing a youthful and playful image like when he played “Trouble Girls” or “Love Agents”… Sam has now gradually switched to a sexy fashion sense.

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Recently, the beauty attracted attention when sharing a photo in trendy clothes on her personal page. In the picture, she wears a basic tank top mixed with a white skirt of the same color.

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Sam made an unfortunate mistake with underwear.

Recently, hot girl Sam showed off her slim figure in a white dress set consisting of a tank top and pleated skirt, and mixed a scarf sweater outside to create accents. All outfits can’t be faulted with only one minus point in choosing lingerie. The too-thin tank top accidentally “denounces” Sam’s choice of underwear.

And this is not the first time Sam has had a fashion problem due to the incompatibility of lingerie. Because there was a time before, she also became the focus of attention when appearing with a thin shirt revealing lingerie. Under the flash, the underwear that should have been quiet inside suddenly seemed to “glow” and looked quite poor.

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Sam made many mistakes with regrettable underwear.

It is worth mentioning, how to choose underwear so as not to make mistakes is a question that seems difficult for Sam and many Vbiz beauties. In the opinion of many people, lingerie is a fashion to wear inside, so its importance is underestimated. But in fact, even though it is a fashion accessory, it will determine the perfect point of the entire outfit.

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Beauty Cao Thai Ha also made the same mistake. The thin material design makes the actress clearly reveal two uncharacteristically attractive chest stickers in front of the camera.

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Before that, actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc also made a mistake with the chest pad when wearing a 2-piece swimsuit.

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Thanh Bi was judged as not high-handed when choosing too prominent underwear stickers.

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This is definitely the mistake that Do My Linh wants to forget the most in her fashion career. The dress was perfect until the only minus point: bright underwear.

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Even a sophisticated and trendy fashionista like Minh Hang has sometimes been involved in this unfortunate incident.

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