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Husband and wife love each other but disagree about having more children

I am 30 years old, my husband is 37 years old, I have a young daughter. Their income is only enough to support one child, the future probably won’t change much.

Since having children, we spend less time together. I had to hold the baby for hours, and then the sleepless nights between the couple. Now I can leisurely, freely with my husband, freely go where I want, do what I like, not related to anyone, do not have to ask a babysitter to go on a quick business trip. Life now seems to me like a machine.

I know that when giving birth, the above things are inevitable, it’s my fault that I didn’t anticipate it. I calculate, for the couple’s life to return to normal as before, it may take another six to 10 years, when the children are older and more aware. If we had another baby, that desired period would be pushed back even further. I don’t want to repeat this difficult, forced childcare scene again. Along with economic reasons, I do not want to have a second child.

>> Wife refuses to have more children

I asked my husband about this, he thought about it and said he wanted to have more children, but if the wife wants to have a child, she can’t force it. I know that my husband will not be happy if he follows his wife’s wishes, and I will not be comfortable in the future if my husband is like that. My husband is very good, loves and supports me in taking care of my children, so I am even more confused in this decision. I’m sad when my husband and I don’t think the same way. Should I follow my own will or my husband’s will? I don’t want to later because I can’t agree on the issue of children, but the relationship between husband and wife fades. Hope to have your advice. Sincere thanks.


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