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Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin century wedding costs

The public is waiting for the wedding of Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin.

Up to now, only 1 day left until the wedding of the middle century Hyun Bin – Son Ye-jin.

Since announcing their marriage, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have almost not revealed any more information related to the wedding. Because, the couple wants to hold a private and private wedding ceremony.

However, the Korean media still exploits a lot of information surrounding the wedding ceremony of this century. From the venue at the Aston House outdoor villa area of ​​Sheraton Grande Walkerhill to the time of the wedding ceremony at 11 am on March 31… Although a lot of information has been released, but the management company side Hyun Bin’s agent – Son Ye Jin still refused to confirm.

Cost of organizing a wedding

A few days ago, the Chinese-language media published an article related to the wedding cost of Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin. However, this information has not been verified and is only an initial prediction. It is known that the event rental price at Aston House is about 20 million Won (equivalent to 400 million VND).

Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin wedding: Shocking organization costs-1

Besides, the costs from the location, decoration and some other services will be about 170 million Won (equivalent to 3.1 billion VND). The cost that the bride and groom have to spend for each guest is about 500 – 600 USD (equivalent to 11.4 – 13.7 million VND).

Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin wedding: Shocking organization costs-2

However, the initial temporary cost of 3.1 billion VND is considered quite modest compared to the A-list star status of this cult couple. Even this cost is said to be much lower than the amount that the couple Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo spent for the wedding a few years ago.

Big all-star guests

In Kbiz, everyone knows, Hyun Bin belongs to the “Playboys” close friends of famous actors including: Jang Dong Gun, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Soo Ro, Han Jae Suk, Cha Tae Hyun, Hwang Jung Min… They have chance to get to know each other through mutual cooperation and still keep in touch until now.

Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin wedding: Shocking organization costs-3Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin wedding: Shocking organization costs-4Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin wedding: Shocking organization costs-5

This is also the most powerful group of friends in the Korean entertainment industry. Even surpassing the group of close friends of Song Joong Ki thanks to possessing all the famous actor’s face.

A source said, Jang Dong Gun will represent the congratulatory group of friends at the wedding. The public is sure that this close group of friends will be present in large numbers at Hyun Bin’s wedding.

If the groom Hyun Bin has a close friend group full of famous Korean actors, the bride Son Ye Jin is no less competitive. Son Ye Jin’s close sister association must say that she has a huge “profile”.

Son Ye Jin’s close sister association includes many of the most popular beauties in the Korean entertainment industry such as: Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Jung Hyun, Lee Min Jung, Song Yoon Ah, Oh Yoon Ah, Uhm Ji Won.

Thus, if both of these close friends of the bride and groom appear at the wedding here, it will definitely create a big “explosion” with the media.

Urgent notice before the wedding

Right from the moment the couple announced their marriage, many fans around the world launched a campaign to send congratulatory gifts to Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin.

From flowers, fruits, cakes to renting pictures of the couple on squares and subway stations in Seoul… However, this is said to have affected Son Ye Jin’s image. . Therefore, the actress’s company had to immediately post a notice.

Hyun Bin - Son Ye Jin wedding: Shocking organization costs-6

Specifically, the management company Son Ye Jin announced that:

“First of all, we would like to thank the fans for their interest and support of Son Ye Jin.

However, we decided not to accept the gift items for Son Ye Jin’s wedding due to the bribery issue and affecting the actress’ image.

Please support Son Ye Jin with only your heart and messages. We hope everyone understands and cooperates. Prohibited items include: Cakes, bread, fruit, flowers, garlands and expensive items.

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