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Meet someone like Dam Hang, don’t fall in love with new things

Actor Thanh Binh has been mainly active in the Tuoi Tre Theater stage for the past 29 years. Before the role of Lam, Thanh Binh had participated in a number of TV series such as: “The Crossroads of Time”, “Portrait of Love”… His name was noticed by the audience only when he played Mr. Lam in the movie. “The way to the flower land”.

“The way to the flower land” is coming to an end, the character Lam makes Thanh Binh feel more confident with the drama and look forward to playing the role of a father with a more diverse personality. As for love, he said: The movie has a happy ending, but in real life, it must be “accidental”.

Love the stage like a cigarette

– Theater is your passion?

Right. In my opinion, first must be passion, love first. Once it’s absorbed into the blood, it’s like a magic that makes me lose sleep and eat and worry about it. Although I know life on the stage is difficult, the artist is very funny. Sometimes it’s difficult to complain, but when you get a role that the audience likes, the audience praises you for forgetting all the difficulties, and rushes in like a moth to the profession.

– There were times when the stage could not attract the audience, many people quit their jobs and switched to other professions. How about you?

There was a time when I also intended to quit. That is, when I studied at the Theater in 1990, I graduated in 1994, at that time I was studying and working at the same time. But in 1994, I officially got a diploma, after working for nearly a year, I found this job too difficult. Especially at that time, I had low self-esteem and guilt because of my small and short body, it was difficult to choose a role. So I also decided to quit and go to art school. Because my first favorite profession was art, before that my father also directed me to follow that industry. But at that time, it would be difficult to earn money if I dropped it immediately, so to pay for my studies, I studied and still worked at the Theater. I thought it was a change of direction, but for some reason I still returned to the stage for some reason. And now it’s soaked in the blood, can’t get rid of it, just like a smoked cigarette.

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– Whether the artist stays with the profession or not depends on the audience? After going through many ups and downs, how do you feel the audience’s love for the stage has changed?

The audience’s coming to the stage is more or less because it is directly related to the money, the life of the artist.

In fact, audiences now have many options for entertainment. However, if the theater stage can produce good, quality plays, it can still attract the audience, and still follow the path with bad plays, fast goods of poor quality, then the audience will turn away. . Like Tuoi Tre Theater, after a period of making comedies, it attracts a lot of audiences. But after that, the comedy house made the comedy become bullshit, so the Theater decided not to do comedy anymore. The theater also canceled a lot of plays because the quality was not good and did not meet the criteria for ensuring artistic quality. Now the Theater turns to serious stories, family themes, both drama and tragedy because the audience sees a part of themselves in those plays.

Thanh Binh 'The way to the flower land': Meeting people like Dam Hang, not falling in love with novelty - 2

– Have you ever been willing to give up inappropriate plays?

It’s correct. Because the artist has the right to do that. If I think the role is not beautiful, not good, not suitable for me, has objectionable details, I have the right to refuse. That refusal is my right, but it will lead to my economic decline, but if I accept it, I will do it.

– So, do you have a left-hand job to keep your right-hand job?

Yes. Almost every artist in the Theater does. To maintain a passion for theater activities, everyone must have a left-hand job, but it is a right-hand job to nurture personal passion. I do many different things, be it shooting skits or recording, mainly doing art-related activities, then working outside, sometimes participating in real estate, the stock market. stock.

“Mr. Lam is 30% like me”

– That’s how I love the stage, I thought he only had love for the stage. So what is the reason for returning to television?

I have a plan in my head that I have to have time for the stage, time for family until everything is stable, then I can spend time on television. Fortunately, having that intention, coincidentally, director Vu Minh Tri invited him to participate in the movie “The way to the flower domain”. I thought, “Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done television, so let’s see, if it doesn’t work this time, goodbye television.” Because before that, I also felt that I did not have a predestined relationship with television, not being photogenic or photogenic. Fortunately, this time the movie was a success, thank you for this luck.

At the invitation of director Minh Tri, the script had not yet been written. When Tri sent me the first few episodes, I read that this character Lam is too multidimensional, has a lot of land for me to act, at first I also found it funny, fun, good for me to act. But the more he perfects the script, the more things Lam has to exploit.

– After a long time coming back to dramas, are you nervous and worried?

When I accepted to participate in the film, I was just afraid of not being as successful as the director’s expectations. So before filming, I also discussed with director Minh Tri that it’s been a long time since I returned to television, because I was afraid of getting used to the stage, so I would be infected with the stage and be staged.

Feeling really nervous. Standing in front of thousands of spectators is fine, but standing in front of the camera, in front of the director and post-production staff, I feel like my body is tied up, not released. That may be the reason why I think I am not destined for television, putting myself under pressure.

Thanh Binh 'The way to the flower land': Meet people like Dam Hang, don't fall in love with novelties - 3

– On stage, you are a veteran actor, but in TV series, Thanh Binh is a new face?

It can be considered like that because it’s been a long time, it took me more than 10 years to return to television. When he returned, he was a new face to the audience.

The last film he participated in was Bui Thac Chuyen, around the 2000s, a short film of 3-4 episodes, also funny and humorous. In fact, the audience at that time did not care much about dramas or they did not have a predestined relationship with the screen, so the audience did not remember. At that time, perhaps I did not have a predestined relationship with television, then I got married, and her children should return to the stage. Because the stage is the cradle I was born in, the main thing, so I have to leave some impression in the eyes of my colleagues.

I feel satisfied after spending time on stage because I have also achieved some achievements in this field and received respect in the eyes of colleagues in all genres.

– Do you think Mr. Lam’s character is so attractive?

I can’t imagine the role being loved so much. I thought it was luck and worked hard, seriously, success or not depends on many factors.

About 20-30% of Mr. Lam’s character in the movie “The Way to the Flower Land” is like me in real life. In fact, Mr. Lam’s character has many similarities with me, it seems to be in it, maybe I’m not as deep and concise, I don’t handle everything as delicately as he does, but I have some things in me. That said, there are situations like that that I handle. For example, Mr. Lam’s humor, way of talking to his children, and his way of teaching children are a bit like that. So when acting is not forced, as natural as who I am, like the character blends in with me.

– Bringing real life into the film and vice versa has made you gain a lot of experience in raising children?

After the movie, he gave me a lesson on how to raise children. Sometimes I am also a good person in raising children, but sometimes I do not have enough restraint, still showing at times grumpy and yelling. Through the character Lam, I learned perseverance and patience in educating and teaching children.

With grace, love will come

– What about love?

Love in the movie is relatively smooth. A happy ending for everyone. I think it would be more appropriate for this movie to have a happy ending. If you solve a not-so-happy ending for all the characters, you have to do more for the audience to understand, but not sure, it will make the movie better.

In real life, I am not a persistent pursuer, sitting in front of new women, I often sit still, very shy.

Thanh Binh 'The way to the flower land': Meeting people like Dam Hang, not falling in love with novelties - 4

– In the movie “The way to the flower land”, you and Dam Hang act quite well?

First of all, luck. The role of Hoa, at first the director called to take on the audition role was someone else, in the end it was Dam Hang. Hoa’s character is quite similar to Dam Hang, gentle, gentle, kind, and pretty. Also because the two brothers work together at the Theater, they can understand each other more easily. Sometimes just by looking at the eyes and gestures, you can understand how to act with your co-star.

Then both of them fell into a situation where they were both divorced, maybe at that time the most real feeling came rushing back, so it felt like the two actors understood each other. After the event, the way of acting, the way of dealing with people is better.

– The audience “pushed the boat” Mr. Lam and Ms. Hoa in the film. Now in real life, Thanh Binh and Dam Hang continue to be loved by the audience to “push the boat”, what do you think?

(Laughs) That must be coincidental. Even if fate can come together, it can’t be avoided. A gentle, loving, beautiful person like Dam Hang, there is nothing to hinder. Mr. Binh in real life also has nothing to hinder. Meet such a person, do not love novelty. But everything has to be done slowly. There is a love will come.

Thanh Binh 'The way to the flower land': Meeting people like Dam Hang, not falling in love with novelties - 5

Thanh Binh and co-star Dam Hang

– How do you see the young actors in “The Way to the Flower Land”?

I have always believed in young people, today’s young people are very active and intelligent. After 10 years coming back, I see that these young people love their job very much. They learn the lyrics, then think to find a way to act, find a way to exchange. There are scenes where the director says it’s okay, but deep down inside, they’re still not satisfied, so they still want to come back. They are very smart, love their job, are serious about their job and full of energy in it.

– What kind of roles would you like to play next time?

Just like the stage, after each role is temporarily satisfied, I want to find out in myself a different type of role. For example, playing the role of a weak father or a sad father, that is, it is completely different from the character that I did, let me try. I also want to do this in television but it must be difficult. I have a lot of respect for director Vu Minh Tri, because he dared to use a new cast, unknown or too young, often playing supporting roles to become the main character. Vu Minh Tri is a brave person and I think he can see in the actor’s personality that they can do well and be successful.

I like the family theme, because it has a long life and is easy to enter into people’s lives. The family story is very simple but it has many stories and lessons in it, so that each viewer can reflect a little on it.

– Have you ever fluttered before a certain shadow but was hindered by the problem of children?

I feel like it’s cold inside, so I don’t feel any shivers, I just think about my children. Every time I come home from work, when I come home from work, the children are very happy. One thing that makes men laugh is that children should just want to be at home. My father and son are like friends, playing together, eating, helping them learn.

Because a part of me is a mother. Because I work hard to raise children, I almost raise all 3 children because my ex-wife is also weak. I’ve been washing, taking care of children, changing diapers and bathing them since childhood, so I’m used to them.

The union of husband and wife is also a predestined relationship. The predestined it just can’t continue, or continue but can’t be happy. We parted in civilization.

– Thank you!.

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