Men over the age of 35 will never be rich due to the lack of these 3 types of thinking!

1. Lack of effective hedging plans

In the minds of many people who are not economically well off, they always think that they have to have a few more children, so that when they get old, they still have someone to take care of. You see, they had a plan and a plan, but it didn’t work. They want many children to take care of them when they get old, but they don’t think about it, because the current economic conditions are not enough, they have many children to take care of, that only makes them poorer.

When the children are old, because they are already not rich, of course they will not appreciate the investments in their studies, the children can grow up peacefully and thank God very much. They fear the immediate loss is losing money for their education, but they don’t know, it’s a wisest investment for the future.

When children get married, they should not be too far away from them, because they think that if they do, they will not be able to help each other in difficult times. But they do not know that, keeping their children with them, it is difficult for them to have new space and opportunities to develop.

As for the types of insurance that are popular today or life insurance, even more needless to say, if you don’t have money, why buy more of those things, once a natural disaster hits, the state will subsidize it. that, afraid of what! Therefore, the poor rarely worry legitimately, leading to middle age, life becomes even more difficult.

The Jews teach: Men over 35 years old will never be rich because they lack these 3 types of thinking!  - Photo 1.

2. No long-term plan

The reason many people can live very happily is because they do not live in a vague and out of control like “the mouse running on the wheel”. They always know how to draw up different long-term and short-term plans for themselves, everything is arranged scientifically and executed in an orderly manner.

As for the men over the age of 35 who are still poor, it is because they did not live a planned life from a young age. Maybe they don’t even know what they want in this life, especially, when they were young, they didn’t look for their ideals and lived their lives to the fullest, so when middle age approached, they didn’t have time anymore because of pressures. The force of rice, rice, and money is overwhelming. Just like that, middle-aged people were constantly busy day after day and passively swept away by life without knowing what the road ahead was like.

The Jews teach: Men over 35 years old will never be rich because they lack these 3 types of thinking!  - Photo 2.

3. Open-mindedness

An open mind will help us get a broader perspective of the bigger picture, we can judge everything as it is, without prejudice distorting the truth. Thanks to that, we will gain a large amount of knowledge that keeps coming and develop thinking and wisdom.

People who do not have an open mind will often be very stubborn and prejudiced against what is new, beyond their understanding. Leads to not updated knowledge, lagging behind and underdevelopment of intellect. Like a saying I once heard somewhere, knowledge is like a full glass of water, if you want to add more water, you must accept to pour less water in your glass. That is, once we think we know it all, we will not be able to absorb new knowledge effectively. Without a university degree, you can still be rich, but without knowledge, you can only be poor.

The Jews also have a saying: “Wisdom creates wealth”. Therefore, people who do not have an open mind will find it difficult to get rich. chn

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