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My brother-in-law quietly left to live alone, my mother-in-law said an idiom that made me choke up

I take care and give affection to my brother-in-law like my own sister in the house. However, the day she quietly packed up her things to live alone, her mother-in-law told me a sentence that was too harsh.

I am now 28 years old. The main job of the couple is as an ordinary office worker. My wife and I live in Hanoi and we have a brother-in-law living with us.

Actually, in my mind, even though I really liked you at that time, I didn’t want to be with you because I thought the scene was “far away from near rotten”. But because my parents are at home in peace, my husband doesn’t have to worry, so I agree to live with my brother-in-law.

During the first 2 years, the relationship between sister-in-law and brother-in-law was quite good, we were always happy, rarely had conflicts. I also love her like my own sister. I think I love it, love it, then surely it will love me too.

I kept thinking that the saying “The enemy on Ngo’s side is not as good as the aunt on her husband’s side” will not happen to my family because I am also an easygoing and friendly person. Her brother-in-law is also in the intellectual class, beautiful and reasonable. But the thing that didn’t want to happen also happened.

It all started when I gave birth to my first baby girl. After giving birth, I was busy with my mother’s work. My husband is also busy with work at the office, leaving early and leaving late, he doesn’t have time to support me in taking care of my children and household chores. All day alone I manage with the baby, cook and clean.

My husband’s brother-in-law is in his third year of university, attends school in the morning, and stays at home the rest of the time. I don’t know if she’s really busy with her studies but I find it increasingly unacceptable.

Never has my brother-in-law taken the initiative to help carry my grandchild or help me with housework, except when I asked. She is always very busy with her studies. She didn’t say a word all day, kept the door closed in her room, and didn’t show her face until it was time to eat, even though we didn’t have any arguments.

I also went through a student period, also a bookworm, my friends around me are also good at nothing, but still study, play, and arrange daily activities. So why is her brother-in-law so busy?

Once I couldn’t control my anger, I called her out to talk about her laziness and unconsciousness. However, instead of sympathizing and apologizing, she showed an exasperated attitude and only replied with one sentence “Yes, I know” and then went out.

Two hours later, I received a phone call from my mother-in-law. She said sarcastically: “Son, how do you live, that you want to move out on your own? I will move out to your place tonight. Are you going to cross the bridge to draw a game?” Then she immediately turned off the phone, not giving me a chance to explain a word.

My brother-in-law quietly left to live alone, my mother-in-law said an idiom that made me choke up

Hearing that sentence, I felt like I fell off the cliff. For many years, taking care of my brother-in-law was completely meaningless. My mother-in-law did not understand what was going on and concluded that I pushed her to the end of the road.

What is “through the draw game”? You mean I’m ungrateful, ungrateful? During the 3 years I accompanied, picked up, and took care of you, where did I put it? Tuition fees, monthly living expenses, I pay for my brother-in-law. Who is the one who ‘passes the game’ here?

I was in confinement in a very difficult situation, but my mother-in-law never asked me but assumed that taking care of my brother-in-law was my duty.

That night, my brother-in-law quietly moved all my belongings out without my knowledge. The next morning, I read her 7-word text message: “Thank you for the past 3 years”. After reading it, I was both angry and sad to the point of choking.

As for my husband, I also released all the frustrations and thoughts in my heart. He just encouraged me, saying: “Well, you’re still young, I’ll let it go when it’s older, it understands itself”. As for his mother, he just explained: “Every mother doesn’t feel sorry for her child, don’t think too much”.

Since then, my husband’s family and I have had a difficult distance to save the relationship as before.

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