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New textbooks are still academically heavy

However, up to this point, through the process of learning and experimenting, many teachers still wonder about textbooks in some subjects. Many teachers said that textbooks are still academically heavy, not to mention many of the lessons are nothing new compared to old books.

Haven’t seen the load reduction yet

Compared to the 1st grade program with 5 sets of books, the list of textbooks for grades 3, 7 and 10 has only 3 sets, including: Kite, Creative Horizon, Connecting knowledge and life.

Teacher Nguyen Viet Dang Du, Head of History Group – Le Quy Don High School (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City), said that the weakness of the new textbook is still viewing images as an illustration channel while each image is a sentence. Historical stories are easier to get into the viewer’s heart than any other words.

According to Mr. Du, compared to the previous textbooks, the new textbooks in the series have more pictures and more colors. The limitation or progress must be when teaching can be commented, but the request to reduce the load has not been seen yet, because it still has to follow the program of the Ministry of Education and Training (Education-Training).

New textbooks are still academically heavy - Photo 1.

9th graders in Ho Chi Minh City will learn new textbooks next year. (Photo: TAN THANH)

“Meanwhile, in the 11th grade textbooks, which are in the experimental stage of teaching, I noticed that there are many lessons that are assembling old contents. For example, lesson 6 in grade 11 on “Journey to independence in the East” South Asia”, students still have to study each country such as Indonesia, Philippines, Laos… This is clearly not reducing the load compared to old books. Therefore, the selection to include in textbooks must be images that evoke emotions.However, the authors believe that textbooks must be universal because many students in rural areas do not have conditions to go to the internet to look for images. “ – Master Du wondered.

Not only history textbooks, Mr. T., an English teacher at a high school in Ho Chi Minh City, said that when reading and commenting on choosing the 10th grade English textbook, many teachers of this subject were surprised by the English book 10 Friend Global. of the Creative Horizons series is entirely sourced from an English language center that has been teaching for the past 4-5 years. This book is only re-edited to suit learners, nothing new and does not represent the efforts of the author’s team.

The principal of a high school in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City also said that he had heard many teachers complain about the English book 10 Friend Global. According to the initial survey, the teacher did not choose this book, but chose an English book of another series.

Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, Principal of Duc Tri Secondary School (District 1), said that when the 6th graders learned the new curriculum and new textbooks, the teachers had not yet complained. In fact, the teachers are the ones who directly teach, if there is something unreasonable, the teacher will know and adjust accordingly. However, the current problem is not in the textbooks but in the serious shortage of teachers teaching integrated subjects.

Mr. Hung cited: In the last 6th grade, with natural subjects (physics, chemistry, biology), the school had teachers who could teach both subjects. However, social subjects (history, geography, civics) must be divided into 3, which professional teachers teach that subject. “Fortunately in grade 6, the subjects are still light. But the upcoming 7th grade will definitely require more complex subjects. Teachers can’t teach in an integrated way, so it is possible that any subject will return. That teacher” – Mr. Hung said.

The teacher will teach according to the outline

Ms. NH, a teacher of a high school in District 3, revealed that the selection of textbooks in the subject group also had many different opinions. For example, some teachers, when reading books, are still psychologically familiar with finding books that are familiar and close to old books so that they can be taught. Meanwhile, some other teachers are willing to choose books from other textbooks because they are not greedy for knowledge and are not academically serious.

“For example, a chemistry textbook, young teachers will choose books from the Creative Horizons series, while teachers teaching teams will choose books from the series Connecting Knowledge and Life…” – This teacher gives evidence.

The principal of a high school in District 1 said that in fact, choosing which set of textbooks is only a formality because many teachers and educational institutions have not depended much on textbooks for a long time. According to this position, students in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City mainly study according to the outline of each subject. In that outline, teachers when preparing lectures can refer to knowledge from many different books.

“Currently, during the book commenting stage, teachers will still comment on each book and make selections according to the process. However, when teaching, each teacher will take the initiative to find the most appropriate and beneficial resource for the book. HS” – emphasized this principal.

Announcement of selected book list in April

According to the process, teachers will research, discuss and evaluate textbooks, then vote by secret ballot. From the contribution of teachers, schools hold meetings including principals, vice principals, professional leaders and representatives of students’ parents to select books. The Department of Education and Training summarizes and transfers to the council the list of books proposed by the schools. After receiving the proposal, the council votes by secret ballot to select one or several textbooks for each subject.

From this result, the People’s Committee of the province and city approved the list of books for use at schools in the area. The provincial Departments of Education and Training shall notify the approved list of books at least 5 months before the start of the new school year, ie April every year.

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