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Not a servant like the lady said

A Business Proposal (Dating in the Office) is gradually approaching the final episodes and still maintains the heat. In addition to the two main couples that are loved by many viewers, Tae Moo – Ha Ri and Sung Hoon – Young Seo, the special relationship of Tae Moo and Sung Hoon is also interested and enjoyed by many viewers.

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In the last episode 9, when Young Seo (Seol In Ah) discovered Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu) went to meet my cousin instead of Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) she had said: “Are you the servant of that house?”. This sentence hurt Sung Hoon a lot because Young Seo didn’t know that Tae Moo was Sung Hoon’s family and close brother.

Right from the first episodes, the audience has attentively realized that Sung Hoon and Tae Moo’s relationship is not just a business relationship, or the relationship of an ordinary director and secretary. There is an affection like family affection between them that doesn’t need to be expressed, just seeing each other can understand what the other is thinking.

Sung Hoon was born as a child without a family at an orphanage – where Tae Moo’s family often visited. Later, Sung Hoon was adopted by Tae Moo’s grandfather and became a family member of Tae Moo. Tae Moo and Sung Hoon both lost their parents at a young age, so there is always sympathy and understanding between the two.

Grandfather always considered Sung Hoon as his own nephew, devotedly raising and taking care of him. Until Sung Hoon grew up and moved out on his own, his grandfather still kept the room where he used to live and often called him home to have breakfast. Even the small details like the phone wallpaper, the grandfather also chose an image with all 3 grandsons.

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For Tae Moo, Sung Hoon is both a reliable secretary, a younger brother and a close friend. All the thoughts and thoughts of Sung Hoon, Tae Moo understands and vice versa Sung Hoon too. The two also often confided and was a place to tell stories about life and love.

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Tae Moo and Sung Hoon do not need to talk too much about this special relationship because they are inherently family and this need not be discussed. Many people may not understand Sung Hoon or Tae Moo, but Sung Hoon and Tae Moo understand their brother best without a word.

Watch the last episodes of the series A Business Proposal next Monday and Tuesday evenings on Netflix.

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