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Overview of the case of a “terrible experience” at a famous restaurant in Da Lat

The clip of the owner of a famous restaurant in Da Lat swearing at customers has spread widely on social networks. The owner who posted this clip said that they had “terrible experiences” here and never returned.

In the past few days, on tourist groups, food groups, groups of “Da Lat people”… there was a 30-second clip recording the image of a middle-aged woman who is said to be the owner of the famous chicken intestine cake shop. in Da Lat loudly cursed guests.

Specifically, the content of this guest’s status line shared: “Horrible experience at Banh Hen shop with wet chicken hearts… 50 Tang Bat Ho, Ward 1, Da Lat.

Until now, when my whole group has been safely home for 1 day, I can calmly sit down and write these lines. Honestly, I never imagined that a restaurant right in the center of the most popular tourist city in Vietnam could have owners who can behave like that.

Visitors have a terrible experience at the HEN restaurant with wet chicken hearts in Da Lat city. (Source: NVCC)

It is known that this group of tourists consisted of 30 people traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat on February 24, 2022. That morning, the whole group went to the HEN restaurant to eat wet chicken hearts. Then on the morning of February 25, the group returned to the shop and ordered 30 pieces of banh can.

While waiting, the group ordered more soy milk, at the same time, the subjective person constantly nagged and ordered nearly 30 portions without pre-ordering. “The owner’s voice continued to grow louder and more sour, so we told him to stop talking and charge us for the things we used to go to another restaurant. At this time, the owner’s husband and wife began to exchange words and attitudes and even told us to “turn”. – This guest shared.

Not only that, this group of nearly 30 tourists said that the owner of the HEN restaurant with wet chicken hearts kept swearing and swearing at the whole group. Even the owner of the shop, after the above short clip, also rushed to assault the leader of the group.

The post on social media received tens of thousands of interactions, many customers expressed outrage at the owner’s behavior and called for a “boycott”. In fact, this type of service is not the first time.

Overview of the

The wet cake shop in Da Lat was accused by tourists of swearing at guests.

Account Manh Hung commented: “In what era is there still such a disrespectful service to customers, if this is a foreign delegation, what will people think about Vietnamese people, Vietnam’s service culture? Don’t make the worm leave the soup pot.”

Before the above information, on the afternoon of March 28, Mr. Le Anh Kiet, Head of the Department of Culture and Information of Da Lat city (Lam Dong) said that the authorities had organized an inspection team and made a working record for the owner. HEN Chicken Heart Wet Cake Shop.

On the morning of March 28, the inter-sectoral delegation made a record of checking the compliance with the law in commercial business for the above establishment, the representative of which is Ms. Le Xuan Diep Tinh.

At the time of inspection, the owner of the establishment presents a business registration certificate, a certificate of eligibility for food safety, listing prices as prescribed.

However, through inspection by the authorities, the facility has 3 employees working but 2 health certificates have expired, one employee cannot present a health certificate.

At the same time, the establishment has a food monitoring book but does not fully implement it, the ingredients are updated to January 1, 2022.

In addition, when working with the authorities on the morning of March 28, Ms. Le Xuan Diep Tinh, the owner of Hen’s Chicken Heart Wet Cake, admitted that there was an argument with a group of tourists on March 25.

However, according to Ms. Tinh, the story is completely different from what the group of tourists posted, the content of the post on social networks is a one-sided and unclear story, which makes her very upset. She wants the authorities to clarify the content of the article, the exact and incorrect points.

This is not the first time that restaurants in tourist destinations have been accused by tourists of having poor sales practices. Recently in February, the restaurant owner at the foot of Ro Tuong Pass, Khanh Hoa did not list prices, threatening to attack tourists. People’s Committee of Ninh Hoa town has administratively fined this person.

According to Chau Duong (Vietnamese people)

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