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Please review this lesson to ensure that you are as beautiful as “Thai princess”

Despite possessing a “surreal” visual, it is still undeniable that the role of unique hairstyles in enhancing Lisa’s beauty. With brand bangs, choosing a suitable hairstyle is also extremely important in concealing the female idol’s high forehead defect. This summer, you must immediately learn Lisa’s beautiful hairstyles to “x2” her charm.

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The high ponytail can be considered as one of Lisa’s trademark hairstyles. This hairstyle brings a personality, dynamic and extremely youthful image. To fix the ponytail, girls should choose large scrunchie models or elastic bands with good elasticity.

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One of the hairstyles that Lisa applies a lot is the Puca side bun. This hairstyle not only enhances the cute bangs but also helps you look a few years younger. Girls should choose small hair ties or buy a few more textured hairpins to be sure to be super pretty.

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If she prefers a classy lady style but still has a cute look, a high bun will be an extremely suitable choice. To be able to fix the hair longer, you should buy a small clip or scrunchie like Lisa.

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For the cake princesses, this cute half-tied hairstyle is definitely not to be missed. The bow-shaped hairpins will help you fix the tied hair and increase the tenderness and loveliness.

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Or she can choose this Hawaiian hairstyle like Lisa. This summer, whoever goes to the beach, remember to buy a few small scrunchies to bring.

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