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Prosecuting 5 subjects to the police headquarters to rob a car

On March 29, news from the Investigation Police Agency of Nhon Trach District Police (Dong Nai) said that after a period of active investigation, the unit has now concluded and transferred the file to the People’s Procuracy. The same level proposed the prosecution of defendant Le Cuoc (37 years old) from Phu Yen province, temporarily residing in Long Tan commune (Nhon Trach district) for robbery and intentionally causing property damage.

Related to the case, 4 other defendants include: Duong Tan Dung (25 years old), Tran Long (35 years old), Nguyen Xuan Linh (30 years old) and Ngo Van Cong (32 years old) all 04 are from Phu Yen province, Temporary residence in Long Tan commune, (Nhon Trach district) is also proposed to prosecute for robbery.

According to the investigation conclusion, late on November 2, 2021, when organizing a patrol to prevent and control crime to Ly Tu Trong road (Vinh Tuy hamlet), the police of Long Tan commune, Nhon Trach district discovered the charge The motorbike driver was not wearing a helmet or a mask, so he asked to stop the vehicle to check and make a record of the vehicle seizure and take it to the commune police office for further filing and handling.

Being impounded by the police, Le Cuoc called Linh and sent him the location to ask for a knife. After that, Linh called Dung, Long and Cong with weapons to drag them to the police headquarters to ask for a car. When they arrived at the commune police office, the five defendants mentioned above stormed in and chased a police officer on duty with a weapon.

As for Cuoc, he used a knife to slash at motorbikes, smashed with sticks on the doors of the headquarters, damaging 5 glass doors, 1 computer screen, 1 fan, and 1 motorbike in the police headquarters of Long Tan commune. cost of damage is nearly 16 million dong. The group then robbed Le Cuoc’s motorbike worth nearly 26 million VND, which was being held in custody, and brought it to a hidden room.

After the incident, the police force arrested the subjects in the night.

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