Revealing the quality ‘green army’ of U23 Vietnam before the 31st SEA Games

Received a 0-1 defeat against Uzbekistan U23, U23 Vietnam ended Dubai Cup 2022 with 8th place overall. After 3 matches, coach Lee Young-jin’s teachers and students only got 1 point from the draw against Iraq, received 2 defeats and did not score any goals.

After finishing the journey at Dubai Cup 2022, U23 Vietnam will return home to prepare for the 31st SEA Games. As planned, the young players will have a training trip in Phu Tho from April 7 to 20. During this time, it is expected that U23 Vietnam will play a friendly match with U20 Korea.

Currently, VFF is contacting to invite Korea U20 to Vietnam for a friendly match. If the Korean side accepts, the match between U23 Vietnam and U20 Korea will take place at Viet Tri Stadium on April 19. This could be the last friendly match of U23 Vietnam before the 31st SEA Games.

Revealing the quality green army of Vietnam U23 before the 31st SEA Games - Photo 1.

U23 Vietnam lost to U23 Uzbekistan in the match for 7th place in the Dubai Cup 2022

Viet Tri Stadium has been selected as the venue for the matches in Group A men’s football of the 31st SEA Games, where U23 Vietnam will be present. Based on the performance of the last 2 congresses, U23 Vietnam and U23 Thailand are classified as the No. 1 seed group. In addition, the structure of the force participating in SEA Games 31 of men’s football will change to U23+. 3.

The friendly match against South Korea U20 will be an opportunity for Coach Park Hang Seo to review the force as well as verify the performance of the players before the 31st SEA Games. Being played at home, the goal of U23 Vietnam is surely must have successfully defended the gold medal 3 years ago.

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