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Smart apartment ‘quality’ in Vinhomes Grand Park

Smart home is becoming the choice of many young families. In particular, Vinhomes Grand Park creates a true smart ecosystem, which is a settlement destination for many families.

Safety comes first

Working together as a software engineer for a corporation in Ho Chi Minh City. Thu Duc, Mrs. Van An and her husband decided to buy an apartment in Vinhomes Grand Park (Thu Duc City) to shorten travel time and spend more time with their children and home.

“I pondered a lot, also thanks to many places to find suitable projects, in the end, the couple discussed it carefully before deciding to buy an apartment of Vinhomes” – Ms. An said. According to this young engineer, the reason why she changed her residence was because the couple needed a relaxing place to rest after working time, and the children needed a play space near the house. At the same time, her husband and wife, with the nature of their work, often have to work away from home, so they need the most safety when they are not with their loved ones.

Smart apartment 'quality' in Vinhomes Grand Park
The Vinhomes Grand Park urban area is operated by smart technology

As far as she knows, Vinhomes Grand Park is intelligently operated by monitoring technology, quick and timely troubleshooting 24/7. She and her husband will not have to worry when their children go to school or are not at home.

In particular, the security system uses multi-layer cameras, integrated with artificial intelligence, etc. to detect and warn of risks if any. In addition, the apartment owner can actively recognize faces and open the ladder for guests or delivery people via intercom or smartphone. “This makes me feel very secure when I’m not at home, my children can live comfortably in a safe space,” – Ms. Van An shared.

In addition, all local services and utilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers… are available around, residents can master information through software on their phones anytime, anywhere. .

Smart home perfects the living experience

Safety and convenience are the reasons why more and more people choose Vinhomes Grand Park as a place to live. Not only bringing a preeminent, livable smart city, each smart apartment here also makes buyers experience a perfect, modern life.

For example, at The Beverly – the most modern and high-end high-rise project Vinhomes Grand Park, smart apartments are integrated with features to help owners really “own” home appliances such as TVs, systems, etc. Air conditioners, fans … turn on and off without touching, helping to save maximum energy. In case the owner wants the apartment to be cool as soon as he steps in, it can be controlled via a mobile device anywhere, at any time.

Smart apartment ‘quality’ in Vinhomes Grand Park
The Beverly apartment is integrated with a smart system to help owners really own their home

The lighting system in the house can also be turned on and off automatically with a pre-set schedule, or remotely controlled to save energy, increasing the comfort experience for the homeowner.

In particular, with the smart security feature inside the apartment, residents can go to work, travel, work for a long time without worrying about anything. Alarm mechanism, warning when the door is open or there is an unauthorized intrusion will be sent immediately to the phone of the resident. Through 24/24 security monitoring, families with young children or the elderly no longer have to worry about their health and safety when they are not around.

With smart home, smart apartment in the middle of smart urban Vinhomes Grand Park is the premise to bring residents a perfect, complete and classy life.

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