The 3 undefeated masters have the most disciples

Wang Chongyang

In Condor Heroes, Wang Chongyang died before the Condor era began. His stories are often told through his brother Chu Ba Thong and his students.

At the first Huashan sword discussion, Vuong Trung Duong was the highest martial artist in the group of Five greats, named Trung Than Thong, who kept the Nine Yin True Classics. The remaining 4 people are Dong Ta Hoang Duoc Su, Tay Doc Au Duong Phong, Nam De Doan Tri Hung and Bac Cai Hong That Cong.

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Vuong Trung Duong’s martial arts were invincible while he was still alive, but the late writer Kim Dung did not mention the origin of his martial arts, only saying that Vuong Trung Duong used to be an anti-Kim leader, and then became discouraged. became a Taoist and practiced the Taoist cultivation practices. From this, we can temporarily deduce that his martial arts were created by summarizing the melee spells from the battle and the Taoist qigong spells.

Tien Thien Gong is Vuong Trung Duong’s superior internal technique, has the effect of breaking through the eight veins of the meridians, cultivating until the end is not inferior to the Nine Yin True Sutras, because according to Vuong Trung Duong’s words, there is more practice. It’s only the world’s number one. And in fact, he won the Nine Yin True Classics just for the peace of the world…

Vuong Trung Duong received 7 to commit suicide, called Toan Chan That Tu by the Gypsies, including: Ma Ngoc, Khuu Chu Co, Dam Xu Doan, Vuong Chu Nhat, Hach Dai Thong, Luu Xu Huyen and Ton Bu Nhi. Among these people, Khuu Chu Co’s martial arts were the most powerful, but he could not compare with the martial arts of the Five Greats, or even beat the disciples of these masters. Fortunately, Toan Chan That Tu was taught by Vuong Trung Duong to Thien Canh Bac Dau battle, promoting the collective strength of 7 people, helping Toan Chan Dao to be able to stand firmly in the martial arts forest for a while.

Tieu Dao Tu

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The step of the beauty statue makes the Tieu Dao sect fall

In Thien Long Bat Bo, Tieu Dao Tu is the founder of the Tieu Dao sect, but not much is known about his background and life, but through his disciples. Tieu Dao Tu is considered by many readers as one of the characters with the highest martial arts and inner strength in the novels of the late writer Kim Dung.

He created his own masterpiece and passed it on to three disciples. In order of entry, they included Thien Son Dong Lao, Vo Nhai Tu and Ly Thu Thuy, all 3 of these martyrs of Tieu Dao Tu were the top masters in the martial arts at that time, making many people only hear their names. must be scared. Later, when it was transmitted to Xu Truc, this sect did not appear any more in other novels by Kim Dung. The treasure of the sect master Tieu Dao is a ring made of gems.

Even many fans believe that with the creation of countless excellent martial arts, reforming old people, or the most secretive and secret weapons in the world, Tieu Dao Tu has surpassed human limits and attained enlightenment. fairy.

Truong Tam Phong

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Actor Donnie Yen plays the role of Truong Tam Phong

As the founder of the famous Wudang sect, his merits are unpredictable and unmatched. When he was young, he was taught by Grandmaster Giac Vien a part of the Nine Yang Divine Cannons, helping to increase his internal strength. Later, when he was old, Truong Tam Phong also invented the martial arts Tai Chi and Tai Chi martial arts, using the principle of using static mode of movement, using soft and hard. His martial arts qualities are hard to match, even the late writer Kim Dung himself had to recognize Truong Tam Phong as a character thousands of years ago, no one else and a thousand years later, no one could compare.

Truong Tam Phong had 7 disciples, including: Tong Vien Kieu, Du Lien Chau, Du Dai Nham, Truong Tung Khe, Truong Thuy Son, An Le Dinh and Mac Thanh Coc, who were honored as the lost martial arts by the Gypsies. The Wudang sect became the head of the mountain in the martial arts, comparable to the Shaolin temple.

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