The 35-year-old man died while “in love”, the doctor told him not to have sex after drinking this

Man dies suddenly after having sex after drinking alcohol

Late at night, 35-year-old Tieu Manh, from Wuhan (China) was taken to the hospital, when the doctor saw him, he discovered that Tieu Manh’s situation was extremely pessimistic, his blood pressure was constantly decreasing, his body was was in a deep coma, apparently having died suddenly.

Immediately after that, the doctor quickly performed first aid: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, medication to maintain blood pressure, and all emergency measures. But after 1 hour, Tieu Manh died because his heart stopped beating. When the doctor declared Tieu Manh dead, Tieu Manh’s wife couldn’t believe it. She cried out in anguish, constantly calling her husband to wake up, but in reality it was too late.

After a while, seeing that Tieu Manh’s wife’s mood had stabilized, the doctor decided to ask about his pre-disease history. After listening to the doctor’s question, Tieu Manh’s wife cried even harder and shouted: “It’s all because I harmed him”.

Tieu Manh and his wife have been married for a few years, the feelings between the two are very deep. Because Tieu Manh is in charge of the sale of goods, he often has to go to the provinces. Even the night of the incident, he just got off the plane.

However, before going home, the company’s employees organized a meal, while eating, Tieu Manh also drank a lot of alcohol. After eating, Tieu Manh returned home, at this time, Tieu Manh was very tired and wanted to rest a bit.

But the wife had not seen her husband for a few days, she missed Tieu Manh very much, so as soon as her husband entered her house, she pulled Tieu Manh down to not let him sleep. The couple have not seen each other for a long time, but they are sweetly wrapped up in each other. When the couple had just started, less than a few minutes, Tieu Manh suddenly lay on the bed with her eyes closed, her arms clutching her chest and her mouth screaming in pain.

A 35-year-old man died while in love, the doctor said he was forbidden to have sex after drinking this - Photo 1.

The main cause of Tieu Manh’s sudden death was due to having sex after drinking alcohol (Artwork)

At this time, the wife was extremely scared, immediately called an ambulance, unexpectedly to the hospital, the husband still could not be saved. After listening, the doctor shook his head regretfully, because many people still do not know that it is best not to have sex after drinking alcohol, which can easily lead to sudden death.

In life, some people want to drink a little alcohol to stimulate the central nervous system, helping to enhance sexual feelings. But this is not recommended. Alcohol has a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system that can cause vasoconstriction, increase blood flow, increase blood pressure, cause cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases, leading to death. In particular, drinking alcohol when “in love”, these two contracts are more likely to lead to sudden death.

In addition, after drinking alcohol, there are 3 things that should not be done

1. Eat durian after drinking alcohol

The 35-year-old man died while in love, the doctor said he was forbidden to have sex after drinking this - Photo 2.

Eating durian after drinking, not only does not drink alcohol, but also poses great danger to life (Illustration image)

In Thailand, there is a clear rule about eating durian. Durian contains a large amount of sulfur, which will weaken the activity of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in the human body. Because this enzyme can clean the toxins of alcohol and when eating durian, the metabolism of alcohol will be affected, which will lead to alcohol poisoning, more serious can kill.

2. Use your hand to poke your throat to vomit after drinking alcohol

A 35-year-old man died while in love, the doctor said he was forbidden to have sex after drinking this - Photo 3.

Using your hand to pick up your throat to vomit helps to relieve alcohol, but if you are not careful, it can damage the esophagus (Illustration image)

There are many people because of the requirements of the job, so it is necessary to drink alcohol. Sometimes they want to drink a little more, will use their hands to gouge their throats to vomit. This type of vomiting can relieve alcohol to a certain extent, but even a little carelessness can be dangerous.

When drunk, use your hands to put into the pharynx to induce vomiting, if the nails are pointed or long, it can accidentally damage the trachea, throat and esophagus, affecting the normal transport of the digestive system, More serious can cause pancreatitis, even life-threatening.

3. Playing on the phone after drinking

Drinking alcohol can cause eye congestion, if you drink too much alcohol, it will cause relatively severe damage to the eyes, can lead to optic nerve atrophy, more serious can lead to blindness.

If drinking, watching TV, playing on the phone will lead to impaired vision, drinking alcohol also damages the optic nerve, if two things are done at the same time, it is like “adding fuel to the fire”.

Therefore, after drinking alcohol, do not watch TV or watch the phone, especially for middle-aged and elderly people.

If you want to be healthy after drinking, there are also 3 things you should do

1. After drinking alcohol, you should sleep on your side

The 35-year-old man died while in love, the doctor said he was forbidden to have sex after drinking this - Photo 4.

Many people sleep on their backs after drinking alcohol. Because they were drunk, they vomited, and the vomit directly entered the windpipe, leading to airway obstruction and death. Therefore, after drinking alcohol, you can’t really sleep on your back, it’s best to sleep on your side, which can avoid unintended accidents.

2. After drinking alcohol should nourish the liver

Drinking alcohol will damage the liver, everyone knows, so after drinking alcohol must definitely nourish the liver. Nourishing the liver can drink tea, tea helps to replenish fluids in the body, has the effect of promoting the elimination of toxins, very suitable for people who drink alcohol.

3. After drinking alcohol, tap to clean the liver

There is a method of cleaning the liver that is before going to bed, lying on the bed, legs lifted, the soles of the feet touching each other into a circle.

Then, the handle of the handle gently taps the inside of the thigh, knocking straight down to the ankle bone, when typing without using too much force. Typing for about 10 minutes, can help cleanse the liver effectively.

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