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The driver shares how to deal with a car with a blown tire on the highway

Having encountered a situation where his own car blew a tire on the highway while running at 120 km/h, a car owner in Hai Phong shared how to respond to minimize the risk and received many concurrences.

After the incident The car carrying the Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City exploded, flipping sideways on the highway makes many drivers worried. On the forums, many people also shared about their bloody experiences in dealing with sudden car tire explosion on the road.

In particular, shared by Mr. Bui Hung, in Hai Phong received a lot of attention from other car owners. Hung said that last Saturday (March 26), he was driving a 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport running on the highway in the direction of Hanoi – Hai Phong, when suddenly the car blew out a tire at high speed.

“At that time, the car was going at 120km/h. There were 5 people in the car. I heard a loud ‘click’ sound. When the steering wheel started to shift, I knew immediately that the car had blown a tire. I was a little panicked. and immediately thought that I needed to calm down to handle it,” he recounted.

He said, the first thing is to hold the steering wheel with both hands, check the brake lightly, determine in the head to always ride the rim to avoid pain, need to brake safely.

The driver shares how to deal with a car with a blown tire on the highway
The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport uses 4 Bridge Stone tires, which have been replaced by Hung since December 2021.

The steering wheel at that time turned continuously, the car jerked up and down, the rim hissed on the road. At that time, I applied the brake lightly, turned the right turn signal, glanced at the rearview mirror and right mirror, holding the steering wheel tightly. Luckily it was safe to pull over. Then it took about 30 minutes to change the spare tire and hit the road again. Experience is to be very calm, and absolutely do not step on the brake urgently,” Hung said.

The story and handling of Mr. Hung received many compliments and concerns from car owners. Most of them agree with his handling. Many people also recounted their bloody experiences when encountering similar situations.

“My car also had a blown front tire on the front side at 120km / h. The tire blew, the car always went to the middle of the highway. At that time, I also held the steering wheel, my foot applied the brake. Absolutely do not step on the brake urgently because it is easy. Turning the car over. Fortunately, the car runs in the afternoon, so there are few vehicles on the road, but it is very dangerous to rush to the middle lane,” commented Minh Nhat, another driver.

“In 2017, I was passing a container truck on the highway when the auxiliary rear wheel exploded. At that time, I still had to hold the overpass until I stopped to pull over. As a result, the whole rear fender exploded,” Mr. Khoa said. , a driver also shared his story.

In addition to how to deal with a tire explosion situation when traveling on the highway, how to minimize the risk, Hung also gives advice to drivers, before long trips, everyone should check and look carefully. all tires to ensure your trip is the safest.

Y Nhuy (Photo: Bui Hung)

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