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The effect of anger on the body

Anger does not make us more comfortable, on the contrary, it has a bad effect on our health.

According to the Global Emotions Report 2018 of consulting firm Gallup (Washington, USA), it shows that 22% of people surveyed always feel angry, 39% feel anxious.

Anger is a psychological state necessary for human existence, but easily spirals out of control as stress levels rise. This has a significant impact on the physical condition, but few people realize it.

Heart rate and blood pressure increase during stress.

Heart rate and blood pressure increase during stress.

Heart rate and blood pressure increase

It is easy to see that every time you raise your voice and have an argument, your heart rate will increase. This means increased blood pressure, causing the body to have basic reactions such as red cheeks, swollen veins in the skin, you also breathe heavier and faster. In some cases, angry people have colder-than-normal hands and feet.

Affected immune system

Researchers have found that remembering a heated argument in the past reduces one’s immune defenses for six hours.

Therefore, angry people are more likely to get sick because their immune systems are weaker. This means that an increase in anxiety can easily put people’s health in great danger, but few people realize it.

Anger causes pain, prolonged fatigue

Anger causes stress chemicals to flood the brain, while the body still has to do the metabolism. That’s why people who get angry easily experience headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and even digestive problems. They also have a higher risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Screaming can cause chronic pain

Yelling or being yelled at are harmful to humans, especially young children who are easily influenced and have deviant actions.

People who were scolded a lot in their childhood seem to have different brain structures, in the parts that process sound and language. They can suffer from chronic headaches, have a number of problems such as back, neck, head pain, even arthritis.

How to stop anger?

Think before you speak: Saying hurtful things to your partner is the easiest way to vent your anger, but you’ll soon regret your thoughtless actions.

Share when calm: This is a healthy and reasonable way for both of you to understand each other, avoiding unintended conflicts. In addition, you easily receive respect and listen from the other party.

Take the time to find possible solutions: If you feel overwhelmed, don’t let that mood drown you, but find a way. During this time try to think rationally and find solutions to problems. Everything can be solved, as long as you put your time and mind into them.

No regrets: Forgiveness frees you from the anger and stress that a certain moment brings. Remember people say and do things that don’t always make sense, but always want to be forgiven.

Try looking at things in a funny way: Humorous, fun doesn’t have to be sarcastic, and you need to make a clear distinction between the two. Facing stressful situations with humor will help defuse anger and help you deal with life’s problems effectively.

Practice relaxation exercises: Take deep breaths, listen to relaxing music, and do things that make you feel good.

Seek help: If you experience extreme loss of control, you can seek help from a psychologist. This is the best way to help the body get rid of prolonged stress.

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