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The first year the University of Forestry considers the results of the competency assessment exam

In 2022, Forestry University recruited 1,390 students for 21 majors, slightly reducing the target and narrowing the number of training majors compared to last year. In which, accounting majors recruit the most – 150, followed by Business Administration 115, forest resource management 100. Compared to last year, the school did not organize Admissions 4 majors: Environmental Science, Crop Science, Urban Forestry, Mechanical Engineering.

Details of admission criteria for each industry or industry group: See here

The school considers admissions according to four enrollment methods: Academic records, high school graduation exam scores, direct admissions and orders, using the results of the competency assessment test. This is the first year that the school applies the method of evaluating the results of the university’s ability assessment exam.

The first year the University of Forestry considers the results of the competency assessment exam - 1

Candidates participating in the high school graduation exam. (Artwork: HC)

With the method of reviewing academic records, candidates are free to use the average score of subjects in the combination of 12th grade for admission. As for candidates graduating from high school in 2022, admission scores are based on the results of the five semesters (except for the second semester of grade 12), provided that no subject is less than 5 points.

Regarding the direct recruitment method, in addition to complying with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Forestry University sets a number of separate criteria. If a candidate meets one of the following requirements, he or she is eligible for direct admission: Winning prizes in provincial-level science and technology competitions or higher, studying at specialized schools, achieving at least one good academic achievement. years at high school and IELTS 5.5, TOEFL iBT 45, TOEFL 450, A2 or higher, graduated from abroad.

With the method of using the results of the competency assessment test, the school accepts the results of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi and other universities that organize the competency assessment test for admission. The school also recruits students based on orders or assignments, agreements of ministries, branches and Provincial People’s Committee.

Particularly for gifted industries that require two combinations H00 (Literature, Gifted in Art 1 and 2), V01 (Math, Literature, Fine Art), the University of Forestry considers test scores for gifted subjects from universities. students hold exams for H and V with the same score in Literature and Math for the high school graduation exam in 2022 or taken from the final grade of 12th grade.

The school’s 2021 standard score is 15, equal to the floor score, applicable to all majors in all three branches, regardless of combination.

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