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The goal of a lifetime erases the sad memory of losing to China

“Binh! Relax. There’s nothing to be afraid of!”. Que Ngoc Hai shouted at Nguyen Thanh Binh after the Vietnamese team conceded the second goal in the first leg 2022 World Cup qualifiers Meet China, October 2021.

In Saitama yesterday (March 29), Que Ngoc Hai was the one who opened his arms to welcome Thanh Binh running to celebrate the first goal in his junior’s player career born in 2000, also the successor to the number 3 shirt. his at Viettel Club.

Unforgettable start

The match against China was the second time Thanh Binh appeared in the national team and he had only been on the field for 3 minutes when the home team conceded. Saying it is a mistake is a bit heavy, because the person Thanh Binh has to accompany in this situation is Wu Lei, the top-class player in Chinese football history and playing in La Liga.

Nguyen Thanh Binh: The goal of a lifetime erases sad memories in the loss to China - 1

Nguyen Thanh Binh should not have been on the list of the Vietnamese team in the two matches against Oman and Japan.

However, it was still a situation where Thanh Binh did not complete the task. The Vietnamese team lost the match regretfully and the youngest player on the team became the focus of criticism.

Coach Park Hang Seo then immediately transferred Thanh Binh to the U23 team a few days earlier than originally planned. Some say it is “punishment”, others think that the Korean leader relieves pressure on the student.

After the first 2 matches – both were launched from the bench with a total time of about 30 minutes, the impression that Thanh Binh made in the eyes of the fans was not good at all.

Moments of a lifetime

There was only one U23 player named by Coach Park Hang Seo in the first list of the Vietnamese team in the March 2022 gathering and it was not Thanh Binh. Viettel’s players were only called up when senior Tran Dinh Trong was injured and could not attend. In the priority order of the central defenders, Thanh Binh is behind his U23 teammate, Bui Hoang Viet Anh.

Video: Nguyen Thanh Binh’s goal against Japan

In misfortune, there is luck, for both the Vietnamese team and Thanh Binh personally. In the online press conference room after the match, the reporters joked with Coach Park Hang Seo’s assistant that if the Vietnamese team had enough people in this match, there would be no chance for Thanh Binh to score.

Coach Park Hang Seo only changed 2 positions in the Vietnamese team’s squad compared to the match against Oman. One kicks the corner to assist, the other scores a header. Nguyen Thanh Binh – in his first start for the national team – became the first Vietnamese player to score against Japan in an official match (Vietnam’s only goal against Japan in The previous 4 confrontations were own goals).

Before Japan, Thanh Binh faced Kubo Takefusa – who is playing in La Liga. He has 6 times to clear the ball, only once being passed by the opponent. However, how the young midfielder defends is not as important as his mark on the opposite goal.

Nguyen Thanh Binh: The goal of a lifetime erases sad memories in the loss to China - 2

Nguyen Thanh Binh scored in the first kick for Vietnam Tel.

Thanh Binh’s goal not only directly brought a surprise point for the Vietnamese team, but also meant a lot to this individual player. It can be said that the goal in Saitama last night completely erased the sad memory of the player born in 2000 in the defeat to China.

Coach Park Hang Seo gave the opportunity to Thanh Binh, not Adriano Schmidt, Nguyen Duc Chien or Dao Van Nam. Along with Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Thanh Binh is the mainstay of the defense of U23 Vietnam at the upcoming 31st SEA Games.

The moment of his life before Japan not only helped him remove a psychological burden, but also a kick before the big tournament. In two months, Thanh Binh will no longer be a “fire-fighting” option but will play a pivotal role in the journey to protect the gold medal that the senior generation won 2 years ago.

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