The history of Vietnamese football calls Thanh Binh’s name

Before that, the last Southeast Asian player to score against Japan was Teerathep Winothai (Thailand) in February 2008.

Thanh Binh also became the first Vietnamese player to tear the Japanese team’s net in an official match.

Surely these are things that even the most optimistic Vietnamese fans could not have imagined before the match at Saitama Stadium. Thanh Binh’s name was not mentioned in the newspapers before the match. All did not seem to notice him when the Vietnamese team set foot in the land of the Rising Sun. But just for a moment, with a header that hit the Japanese net, Peace made people praise him.


Going back in time to October of last year, Peace was the player who received the most pressure and criticism in the 2-3 defeat of the Vietnamese team against China. After coming on to the field for Bui Tien Dung, Peace made the mistake of constantly letting Wu Lei escape to score in the net of Vietnam. The immature performance of Peace making him the target of fierce attacks on social networks.

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Thanh Binh faces Wu Lei in World Cup qualifiers

For young players, getting up after falling is not easy. The case of Phi Minh Long is still there as a reminder. This goalkeeper slipped after a mistake in the loss against Thailand U22 at the 2017 SEA Games. After that loss, pressure was on Phi Minh Long and he was unable to become an excellent keeper as everyone was. expected.

Later, Phi Minh Long confided: “At that time, I was very confused, it was difficult to think about whether I could do it in the future. I doubt my ability and myself“.

Peace There must have been similar doubts after the loss to the Chinese team. But the encouragement of Mr. Park and his teammates helped him overcome difficult days. It was the captain of the Vietnam team, Que Ngoc Hai, who shouted for encouragement Peace: “Binh, relax. You’ve done nothing to be afraid of”. Coach Park took the responsibility after losing to the Chinese team: “Players need to make mistakes to grow. I would like to say again that the mistake of the player is the fault of the substitute coach“.

With his bravery and strong will, Peace did not succumb to the obsession of losing to the Chinese team. When Coach Park gave him the opportunity to start the match against Japan, he was ready to face the biggest challenge of his career.

Named by History

No more immature image like in the match at My Dinh last October, Peace proved more mature and confident when appearing on Saitama field, in front of tens of thousands of fans of the home team.

He even shined with a left header that hit the Japanese net in the 19th minute. In that situation, all around. Peace are two high-class Japanese players. One of them is Maya Yoshida, a player playing in Europe for Sampdoria club. The other is Yuta Nakayama, defender of PEC Zwolle club (Netherlands). However, both of these players can only watch Peace head to the net. In the wooden frame, goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima, who plays for Strasbourg club (Ligue 1), is also helpless.

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Historical moment of Thanh Binh

The tireless efforts, along with the iron determination and the desire to express themselves, have helped Peace erase the gap in class to do the unthinkable. It was definitely an unforgettable moment for a mature player from Viettel’s training academy.

After scoring, Peace played excellently in defense and made an important contribution to helping the Vietnamese team keep a clean sheet in the first half against the overwhelming pressure of the Japanese team. It was not until the second half that the team from the rising sun had a goal to level the score 1-1, but that was all they could do.

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Thanh Binh rose up strongly after failure to shine brightly

The tenacity of Peace and his teammates caused the Japanese team to give up and accept a 1-1 draw. The Japanese team failed to find the second goal, even though coach Hajime Moriyasu unleashed his best players like Junya Ito, Minamino, Tanaka.

According to SofascoreThanh Binh is the Vietnamese player with the second highest score in this match with 7.4 points, after goalkeeper Nguyen Manh (8.1).

Memories of failure nearly 6 months ago have passed with Peace. Right now, he is having fun with his teammates. Thanh Binh has overcome obsessions to face the sun with ambitions and longings.

Certainly, ‘s career Peace will not stop at the match at Saitama Stadium. There are still many challenges waiting for him, including the 2022 SEA Games. But after the performance of Peace In Japan, Vietnamese fans can expect this 22-year-old boy.

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