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This is not Zhuge Liang, this is the “First genius” of the Three Kingdoms period

The “heroic chaos”, the Three Kingdoms period possessed many famous generals and outstanding talents. Coming here, many people will probably remember Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi or Zhou Du,… these people are all tactical geniuses.

But these are only the people who have “come down the mountain” to reveal and show their talents to the world, to be known forever. In fact, the Three Kingdoms still have many hidden talents, they just don’t care about the world and fame.

Not Zhuge Liang, this is the

Zhuge Liang was also a sage hiding in the mountains at first, and finally, because of Liu Bei’s enthusiasm, he was defeated, so he was born to help. It can be seen that Zhuge Liang decided to give up a leisurely reclusive life because he had found a monarch who recognized his talent.

Of course, talented people who have not found a place to shine will choose to hide in the vast Gypsy. There was such a person in the Three Kingdoms period. That is Ta Tu, whose ability is not inferior to Zhuge Liang.

Not Zhuge Liang, this is the

According to many historical documents, Ta Tu was a Taoist Taoist monk (also known as Tien Dao), self-proclaimed Nguyen Phong, Taoist name is O Giac Tien Sinh, from Lu Giang, now Tien Son (Anhui).

Ta Tu was a scholar with a bright future in his youth, but because of the influence of the war, he chose to “settle in cultivation” and become a master of astronomy and armor. Folks also think that he is a person with “semi-immortal body”, a descendent of immortals.

Zuo Tu cultivates on the top of Thien Tru mountain, practices inner dan jutsu and cultivates qi with qigong, and practices the middle art room, a Taoist qigong practice. Many people say that he can live without food for a long time. Ta Tu also studied the Four Books of the Pentateuch and Astrology.

Folks also say that he can command ghosts and gods to turn into the type of food he wants. However, these legends are only transmitted orally in folklore, without any real proof.

Cao Cao once invited Ta Tu to his party. After that, Ta Tu performed the act of turning food out of nowhere, much to Cao Cao’s surprise. However, after that, Cao Cao discovered that the foods sold by people in the market disappeared for no reason, so he thought that Ta Tu was scheming to use subtle tricks to cover people’s eyes. ordered to kill Ta Tu.

Unexpectedly, Ta Tu used the martial art of armor release to maturity, successfully evading Cao Cao’s pursuit. Accordingly, Ta Tu turned himself into a goat, lurking in the goat herd, causing the soldiers to give up chasing and killing.

Not Zhuge Liang, this is the

In fact, there was another reason why Cao Cao wanted to kill Ta Tu because the profession of a magician was always looked down upon at that time, even considered a vile group of people. After seeing Ta Tu turn out a lot of food on the table, Cao Cao recognized that Ta Tu was the magician, so he got angry and ordered to kill.

Around the year 200, the warlord of Dong Ngo, Sun Sac, a Confucianist, wanted to kill Ta Tu and chased him on horseback. Ta Tu only walked, still escaped by walking slowly. Sun Ce discovered that Ta Tu really knew all kinds of strange magic, swords couldn’t penetrate people. Later, Sun Ce did not dare to look down on wizards.

Even so, Ta Tu always suffered from the oppression of the vassals, thereby giving birth to disappointment. In the end, he decided to hide in the Gypsy, not showing up, lived until 133 years old to close his eyes.

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